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Earn An Easy $200

November 30th, 2013 at 01:09 am

I know many of the regular bloggers already have Capital One 360 accounts, but if you are lurking AND want to earn $200, check out the Black Friday Sale at

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Capital One.

You can earn $125 by opening a Checking account. You must use the debit card five times within the first 45 days. On day 50 the bonus is credited. There is no minimum and you do earn interest on Capital One 360 accounts.

To earn an additional $75 you can open a Savings account. The minimum deposit required is $500 and will start earning interest on day one, including the bonus. The bonus will be available for withdrawal on after 30 days. No additional requirements beyond the minimum deposit are required.

These are taxable bonuses, as they will be reported to the IRS as interest. The links is my personal referral codes. If I refer two people, I can earn $100. I expect to refer my husband, so just one of you can help me get a bonus! Thanks for your consideration.

After having family here for Thanksgiving we were left with an abundance of leftovers. I think we will be covered for most of the weekend!! Yummy. Smile

Mortgage Snowflake

November 27th, 2013 at 02:24 pm

I sent in a $32.51 snowflake to the mortgage last night. This snowflake is made up of $6 from Pinecone surveys, a $1.51 Ebay profit, and the $25 credit from American Express for the Staples offer. That Staples offer credit was applied FAST! I wasn't expecting that. So cool.

I did pay off the purchase of our new dining table and chairs in full yesterday. I took the money from savings to make the $1121.36 payment. Not fun to see the balance go down, but we like the table and I'd rather have the savings go down than see a large credit card bill! Smile

I did sell four things on Ebay this past week. My profit was $1.51 for one auctions. Two auctions were my daughters things and she earned $18.86. She is saving her money to purchase a Photoshop program, so small amounts help. I sold an item for my mom, and she earned $5.50. The one item I had that didn't sell has been relisted and will end on Cyber Monday. If it doesn't sell then, it will be time to donate.

We bought quite a bit of wine and beer last night. We found a deal on a case (12 bottles) of wine. Each bottle was $3.98. The store offered 10% off with the purchase of 12. The manufacturer of the wine is offering an $18 rebate for the purchase of 12. This works out to $2.08 a bottle. And we drink and like this wine, so that is a bonus! I will get that rebate in the mail as soon as possible.

I will do a more complete November snowflake update in a couple days, but it looks like so far I have accumulated $146.78 this month. Not terrible, but not my best month by far. There are a lot of snowflakes forming in several areas, but those may not come to fruition until December or even January.

Time to start all that baking, I mentioned yesterday. What dish is your favorite to prepare and eat for Thanksgiving?

Prepping for Thankgiving

November 26th, 2013 at 07:11 pm

Part of me wants to complain about the work I have to do to get ready for guests. I think this is because I feel I'm doing all the work alone. My husband came for lunch and asked if it was okay if he worked out after work today...well it is if you can also help me when you are done! I need a twin bed set up in another room, wine and beer purchased, a shower cleaned and couches rearranged. It seems he was on board with that. I know he is busy with work, but if it would be nice if he could see how much work I'm doing to prepare.

I will spend the rest of today cleaning, moving sheets and blankets to another room, vacuuming the carpets, doing at least one load of laundry, maybe two, and numerous other odds in ends. Like finding my gravy boat and getting it cleaned. I'm pretty sure I know where it is!

Tomorrow is baking day. We will be making scones, pumpkin pie, a focaccia bread, and a stuffed bread. I'm also putting together a pumpkin lentil soup for us to eat for dinner which is around the time our guests are arriving. And there is some cleaning on the list, too! The girls are helping with the baking, but it will be a long day.

I'm thankful really that I have family to spend Thanksgiving with, and family that wants to drive here to spend it with us. If something doesn't get done, or something doesn't work out right in the cooking they are all very forgiving and understanding. It won't matter to them one bit. I'm thankful my husband is home to be with us on Thanksgiving, as there have been a few years where he was not. I'm also thankful for our good health.

It's all good, isn't it? What are you most thankful for?

Earn Money On Black Friday: Capital One Offer

November 26th, 2013 at 01:04 am

Text is Capital One 360 and Link is
Capital One 360 is having a Black Friday sale starting Friday thru Monday, December 2nd. This means bonuses for opening a new checking or savings account. The amounts have not been announced yet. I already have a Capital One checking and savings account. If the bonuses are good enough, I think my husband will be opening some accounts! And I will be his referral, hoping I can earn a little more cash.

Here's what the current ad looks like:

Does this offer peak your interest? Do you already have a Capital One 360 account?

Used My Amex Card

November 25th, 2013 at 01:30 pm

I used my American Express card this weekend. Twice. I feel good about both purchases.

One purchase was $75 at Staples. I bought three $25 gift cards. Two for Subway and one for Kohl's. Amex is offering $25 credit for a $75 purchase at Staples, which you have to claim before making the purchase. When I arrived home, I had an email thanking me for using my card at Staples. I used the Kohl's gift card to purchase a roasting pan for our turkey. Total was $25.67. I will get a $10 rebate on it that purchase as well. We stopped at Subway for dinner right after the gift card purchase. We only used $17 of our gift card there. We will use the other gift card for Subway on our travels for Christmas.

The other American Express card purchase was bigger. And not exactly planned. If it were planned, I would have waited for one of our new credit cards to arrive. We are having four guests for Thanksgiving, so with the four of us, we need 8 seats. We bought a dining set, which is actually our main kitchen table as we do not have a traditional dining room. Our other table would seat 8, but two people would have to sit on each ends. Very tight. I had thought we could add one of our craft tables, but after trying that in our kitchen we realized that people can't actually sit on the ends of our craft tables because the legs are in the way! Ugh.

The truth is we have been looking at kitchen tables for over a year. Just not motivated to spend the money until now. We wanted it before Thanksgiving, so our choices were limited, but one of the options was a table that caught our eye another time we were out looking. The set is solid oak, has two leaves, and eight chairs. It is counter height. It looks great in our home.

We did get a deal on it because it was the floor model. There are zero flaws, so no one would ever know. It was $1,121 with the sales tax. We basically got three of the chairs free and saved on delivery by hauling it ourselves. I plan to pay this purchase off in full after it posts to the account.

I will be spending more money today, purchasing food for the meals I am serving our guests. Luckily, my guests are helping out by bringing some of the food. Smile

Did you get your holiday shopping done yet? Did you have an unplanned purchase this weekend, big or small?

$1.71 Snowflake

November 22nd, 2013 at 07:13 pm

I sold one of my listings on Ebay today. I don't like to disclose specific items since someone could go looking. But considering I probably could have thrown these out, but yet they clearly are useful to someone, I feel pretty good netting $1.71 for them. It does look like people are shopping on Ebay more than a couple weeks ago. My items are being looked at AND watched. Fingers crossed for bids.

Youngest daughter came home sick this morning. Nearly 100 degree fever and a sore throat. Pretty sure it isn't strep since the sore throat was starting the night before last. After some pain meds and a movie she is feeling better. And she is always good with the fluids when she is home sick! I think straws help. Smile

I made the second Swagbucks goal today. Usually I just do the first one. I received a Pinecone Survey in the mail today, so next week I should have more money in my PayPal account to add to November's snowflakes.

I'm going to make a store run. There are some good groceries sales right now. I also want to use the $10 grocery coupon at Target before it expires tomorrow.

Have a super weekend and stay warm and dry!

Decluttered, Selling, Planning, Considering

November 22nd, 2013 at 02:18 am

Yesterday, I went down to our basement storage room and found enough stuff to get rid of to fill three large storage bags. The good news is, I got it to Goodwill this morning. Smile

I listed five items on Ebay this evening. I made them three day auctions to end on Sunday. If they sell, I hope I can get them mailed out before the holiday. If they don't, I will relist on Monday as seven day auctions. This means they will end on Cyber Monday. Not sure if all of this is great planning or not. It's worth a try. If they don't sell by that time, I will give the items to Goodwill. Actually, I have a book series listed that would probably go to the used book store for a little cash.

I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family. We are unable to travel due to my husband's work commitments, so my family is traveling here. Such good family. Smile So now, I'm planning dinner and other meals for their visit. It feels like a lot of work!

After MonkeyMama's post about the new Chase Sapphire Preferred Bonus offer, I'm considering applying. My husband and I have both done this offer in the past. I'm pretty sure it has been more than a year since I applied. We can meet the minimum. I just wasn't planning to apply for two cards in such a short time. My husband applied for the Chase Freedom offer just yesterday. I know I sure would like an extra $550!

Do you serve and plan your Thanksgiving dinner? Or do you take a dish or dessert?

$200 Chase Freedom Bonus

November 20th, 2013 at 05:14 pm

I read

Text is MyMoneyBlog and Link is
MyMoneyBlog this morning and found out about a new bonus offer for obtaining the Chase Freedom card. It is now $200 cash for spending $500 in three months! No annual fee. Wow. That is quite a return!!

I already have the Chase Freedom, but my husband does not. He did roll his eyes at me this morning when I said I was probably going get another credit card for him. He was approved. The real test is to see if the bonus is actually given, considering he has received bonuses from Chase Sapphire and Chase Southwest Rapids Rewards cards in the last 12 months. I decided it was worth the chance! I will let you know once it is applied.

Since we only need to spend $500, I will likely pay the electric, internet and cellular phone bills with it. I also expect to buy some gas as well. That is an easy $500 to spend without spending money on things we don't need.

I expect this will be likely be one of our first rewards in 2014. I think I should look to beat my 2013 snowflake total, don't you? Will you apply for this bonus offer, or do you already have the Chase Freedom card?

As a reminder, we are opening credit cards for bonus money and rewards as way to EARN income that we can't by earning interest on our savings. Savings rates are very low, so this is a way to boost our income. We have great credit. Pay our bills off ahead of schedule and without paying interest. We close cards after we have redeemed our rewards in most cases. I do NOT suggest this method to those who cannot pay off a balance in full.

Lower Bill & Vehicle Maintenance Avoided

November 19th, 2013 at 02:19 pm

The budget billing amount for our natural gas has been lowered from $43 to $28. A nice surprise! We do have quite a bit of money on credit going into the high gas use season, so I'm sure it will work great.

I have a Pinecone $3 payment in my PayPal account this morning. Another snowflake for November!

The glasses we ordered online for my youngest daughter arrived this weekend. She is thrilled with her pick. Last night we went to Target to have them adjusted and soft nose pads added. So far so good. I believe she wore them to school today. I told her to let me know if she gets any headaches, as that could indicate a problem. I don't anticipate any however. We did pay $135 for the glasses, so not ultra cheap, but I know there is a savings there over other places we have purchased from in the past.

We thought a new timing belt was in our future for our Honda Odyssey. We remembered the dealership mentioning it last year, saying it should be replaced every five years. They also mentioned a mileage amount for replacement. We were at the year mark, but under the mileage. We decided to wait a year. Last night we pulled out the owner's manual, which states every 60,000 miles under extreme weather conditions (very hot and very cold). This does not apply to us. We are nearing 80,000 miles and don't drive in these extreme conditions mentioned. Turns out our Honda has a maintenance minder code that will tell us when to replace the timing belt. We will wait for our van to tell us when it is ready for a new belt. Glad to not have to spend that money now.

Do you participate in budget billing for utilities? Have you ordered glasses online? Does your vehicle tell you when to do maintenance?

$56.77 To Go And Handmade

November 18th, 2013 at 04:22 pm

My snowflakes since January 1st are getting VERY close to the $3,000 mark. We have accumulated $2,943.23. Only $56.77 to go to make that milestone.

I sent in a recent accumulation of snowflakes to the mortgage. The amount was $42.85. That included Swagbucks, a couple Ebay sales, and a Pinecone survey.

That last Ebay sale had a non paying buyer. I received the fee credit back this morning. I have not decided whether to relist or not. I think I may need to be done until after the holidays.

I'm pretty sure I have some snowflakes in the pipeline. Just not sure what they are or when they will arrive, but I KNOW I can meet the goal by year end if not by the end of the month.

Over the weekend I bought two locally handmade soaps. They smell wonderful made with herbs. I may keep for myself or give in someone's stocking for Christmas. Our town has a rather new venue that is basically an indoor farmer's market. About half the space is supporting upstart businesses who are permanent. The other half is more traditional craft/farmer's market fare, which changes week to week. The facility also has a large culinary kitchen where you can take classes. It does feel good to support handmade and local items. Have you bought anything locally made recently? What did you buy and what type of event/venue was it?

Postage Due

November 15th, 2013 at 03:23 am

Oops! One of my Ebay customers ended up with postage due. It was $0.54. The buyer chose to inform me so it wouldn't happen to another customer of mine, and didn't expect or want a refund. I did refund the money because I sure didn't want that to happen. And it is just the right thing to do!

My $25 from Swagbucks arrived in my PayPal account. I have requested the money to be transferred to our bank account. I will make another mortgage payment with my recent snowflakes soon!

I did go to Snapfish yesterday and made a 4x6 collage photo as our Christmas card. With shipping I paid $3.75, since they were having a 50% off sale. I purchased 25 cards. I will now need to find a good price on 4x6 envelopes!

The sewing project was slow today. Unfortunately, I had to take it apart. It was too small to fit the case of the piccolo. I will have to make the fabric a little bigger. It was a good experience and I expect as a result I will be able to go a little quicker tomorrow.

I talked to a friend on the phone today. She organized her daughter's closet and dresser and I found things in my basement to donate while we talked. A great use of time!! And the phone call was free because I called with the Ooma. Smile

That is the news from here. Do mail Christmas or Holiday cards? Anyone send New Year's cards?

Christmas Wish Question

November 13th, 2013 at 09:16 pm

I skipped blogging yesterday! I was here, reading other posts. I post on Sunday, and I am trying to reduce my posts to weekdays only, just to cut down on the time I am on the computer.

I went to Kohl's yesterday and used my $15 in coupons with 15% off on a purse. I paid $4.53 out of pocket. Only there is a problem. I wanted a smaller purse, and that is what I bought. It's too small for even the basics I need with me!! Ack. Now, I have to do a return and hope I can get my coupon values back. Not a big deal if I don't, but it would be nice.

I'm browsing online today for photo holiday cards. I don't always send out cards, or even cards with photos. However, several weeks ago we took lots of family pictures on my parents land prior to their recent move. There is a really nice one of our family that I think many people would be pleased to receive. I only need about 20. I did see a deal on

Text is Hip2Save and Link is
Hip2Save for Snapfish collage prints, 5x7 size, 20 prints plus shipping. In the example they showed the shipping was less than $2! That link is for all the photo deals that site has listed, so some might be of benefit to you.

Tomorrow I have set aside the day to sew. My main goal is to make a fabric case for my daughter's piccolo case. The hard cases for piccolos don't have handles. They are small enough to put in a backpack or bag, but she wants a specific case. She is picked out fabric from my stash and I picked up a zipper today at the store. If I can get that project done, my other daughter wants me to turn her recent latch hook rug into a pillow. Also a new project, but I think one I can work with!

My side of the family, which is just my parents, sister and brother in law have decided to just give each other stocking stuffers for Christmas. We didn't define the amount to be spent, but my sister did say it will keep us from getting stuff we don't need. In my opinion, it means that we buy something that will be used up. I have been brain storming ideas. Here is what I have, but doesn't mean I will be giving them all:

Lotion, gum, mints, homemade vegan chocolate, homemade biscotti, an orange, beef jerky, tea, socks, perfume/cologne, nail polish, lip balm, candles, coffee, duct tape, honey, homemade vanilla, handmade napkins, coasters, nuts and seeds, popcorn, jellies, sausage, cheese, gift cards, cash, dish soap, scented hand soap, a nice pen, hot cocoa, flower bulbs or seeds, a calendar, note paper.

I can think of some that I don't know if even I would want to get: toothpaste, floss, shaving cream, razors, shampoo, batteries, saran wrap or foil.

If I was going to put a treat in your stocking that costs less than $20 and isn't going to be junk or take up space later, what would you want? Do you give stocking stuffers to anyone on your list?

Again, sorry about the Christmas topic prior to Thanksgiving. I seem to be starting to focus on making my lists and getting some tasks done!

Cancelled Land Line & Bought Glasses

November 12th, 2013 at 01:41 am

I called and cancelled our home land line today. The cancellation is effective today. We will get a prorated credit for remainder of the month that we have been billed for. I was disappointed to find out that we will still be charged the Universal Service Fee for the broadband internet portion now. This means our savings will only be $19 per month rather than $30. However, we can get free long distance on the Ooma, so I still think this works out very well considering all of our family and some of our friend are long distance.

My daughter did pick out a pair of glasses online. I ordered them this evening. These weren't cheap, but cheaper than I paid last year. The final total with scratch free, UV and anti glare lenses shipped was $134.94. I know I paid over $225 last year at Target for her glasses. If they don't fit, or seem right visually we can return them for a refund. The company will pay the shipping from what I read online, if a return is requested.

My husband was able to get a free haircut at Great Clips today in honor of Veteran's Day. A nice benefit as he does get his haircut with more frequency than the girls and I who have long hair. I'm sure he still tipped generously!

I'm considering a Red Cross donation for those in affected by the typhoon. Those images of destruction are so sad. I just remembered we may have some airline miles we could donate. Not sure if that is the right help or not though. I will check our options.

Do you donate to disaster relief? Have you donated airline miles? Have you purchases glasses or contacts online? Was it a good experience?

Money Bits

November 10th, 2013 at 02:19 pm

Here's a list of money tidbits from recent days:

I completed a Pinecone Survey today. I expect I will get my $3 payment for that later in the week. I'm also secretly hoping to get a sample!

I'm trying to convince my daughter to try purchasing glasses online. We looked at Target optical, but noticed many of the glasses are plastic frames, and she prefers the wire ones with nose pads. We will look at other local stores as well, but I think online might save us quite a bit of money!

The return I made to Lands End at the end of October ended up arriving as a check in the mail, rather than a credit to my card I originally purchased with. I read on their website that this was because the purchase was over 9 months old. Either way I got the money!

We rented a movie on Amazon last night for $2.99. Since this was gift card money used I will match the purchase and send the funds to our mortgage debt.

Our bank reimbursed us for $3 in ATM fees and paid us a whopping $0.03 in interest. I always include these in our snowflake accumulations.

I have Ebay auctions ending today. One will sell, the other four are definitely up in the air as to whether they will or not. The proceeds also go to the snowflakes for equity goal.

We turned on our gas fireplace last night. As a result we will definitely see higher bills. I'm okay with it as it seems to make everyone happy and cozy in the evenings. My goal is always to wait until November 1, so we did make it a little longer this year. Smile

We will be making another trip to the library today. We went Friday when the girls were off from school, but they have now read all the books! They want more to have with them during the week. Libraries rock for free entertainment!

I plan to log into our banks, and investments and various accounts to update our new phone number today. This means I can call tomorrow to cancel our land line. I just paid the bill that includes the phone service for the month of November. I expect they will credit days not used to our next bill, which will only include internet service.

My birthday is next Sunday. I tend to get $100 from my parents each year. I'm looking forward to getting some new socks, a purse, a shirt or two and a fleece to spruce up my wardrobe. I will be looking for good prices, so I can get the most for the money.

Well, that is my list of money tidbits. I had more than I realized. Do you make use of your library? Do you receive money for your birthday? Do you spend or save it?

A Frugal Porch Decoration

November 8th, 2013 at 03:17 pm

First I want to apologize for the Christmas topic before Thanksgiving. My girls are very irritated at all the Christmas advertising and music they are seeing this early.

At our previous home we would put out lights on the eaves of the house and our bushes, in addition to garland and lights on the railing. Last year, with a new home we found ourselves with very small bushes, and no railing. I managed to put out a wreath on the porch, which was fine, but not quite enough.

This year I have begun browsing Pinterest for porch ideas. I came across a simple way to put a tree with lights on my front porch. It is basically a tomato cage turned upside down in a pot and wrapped with garland. And the best part is I had everything I needed to put it together. I intend to add real pine cones for a natural look. My mom has picked some up from her yard to bring to me. I will add white lights once it is placed on our porch.

Here are a couple pictures to give you an idea of what this will look like.

The color may look inconsistent in the picture because I used two different types of garland. In person it is not very noticeable. I think I used 6 strands of 6 foot garland to cover the tomato cage. If I have one more somewhere, I may wrap it around the bottom to make it wider. I also intend to put something heavy in the bottom of the pot to keep it from blowing over.

I figure this configuration will save me from buying a porch tree at the store that might cost $40 or more! It will at least be a frugal experiment. Do you have a frugal holiday decorating idea?

I read on MyMoneyBlog that the Southwest Rapids Reward credit card is offering 50,000 bonus points through November 18 for spending $2,000 in three months, if you are interested.

Another Sale!

November 7th, 2013 at 07:40 pm

I made another sale on Ebay today for which I probably will net about $5. Happy about things finally selling this week! I redeemed Swagbucks for $25 in PayPal cash. I hope it arrives soon.

I received three Kohl's coupons in the mail yesterday. On one mailer I got 15% off plus $5 off a $5 purchase. The other mailer had a $10 off a $10 purchase! I don't think I can use the dollar off coupons together, but I hope to use the larger one and the percentage off one towards a new purse, which I will likely purchase with birthday money.

I'm still slowly decluttering this week. I need to get down into my storage room, where I'm sure I'll find quite a few things we just don't need. I hope to make my run to Goodwill tomorrow morning when I take my Ebay sale to the post office. Less clutter before the holidays feels good! Smile

Tomorrow I hope to show you a frugal holiday decoration for my porch that I made from things I already own. Stay tuned!

Our Ooma Phone Works!

November 7th, 2013 at 02:29 am

I've talked from time to time about canceling our home number and going to cell only service or trying out VoiP. Since the youngest daughter seemed pretty concerned about keeping a home phone we have set up a new VoiP phone number. It is a Ooma Telo. And we were able to actually get a local phone number. Yippee!!

I purchased the Ooma directly from the company at the end of October for $99.99, which included free shipping. This was a special referral offer, that has since expired.

Our current phone bill is $30.80 each month. We get like 5 calls from people we know. The rest are telemarketers! The Ooma Telo will charge us $3.72 each month for federal taxes. After we recoup the initial cost, we will be saving $27.08 every month! I will call to cancel on Monday if things seem to go well over the weekend.

We have made a test call on the Ooma and it sounds perfect. No complaints in quality at all! Let me know if you have questions. I will try to do a review in a month or so to let you know how it continues to work.

Higher Interest Rates

November 6th, 2013 at 02:12 pm

I'm often browsing for higher savings interest rates, but honestly, I have not jumped on some of them. I think I'm afraid of locking up the money for too long. I'm annoyed with myself for this. I really need to figure out what that is really about.

If you would like to search for higher interest rates, I recommend the website

Text is and Link is They have the rates categorized by type, location, and includes a calculator to show the interest you can earn.

I think the highest rate we are earning is 0.85% APR in our money market savings account. This isn't the lowest, but there are higher rates. Some do require some hoops to jump through and at a minimum we would have to move our money.

What is the highest rate you are earning on your cash? Does anyone have a long term CD? Anyone have good luck with a high yield rewards checking account?

Ebay Sale on A Dark Day

November 5th, 2013 at 07:42 pm

I sold a book on Ebay today for a profit of just over $4. I already sent it off in the mail. I will pull the profits from PayPal later this month when I am done selling!

I think we have decided to sell our old couch and loveseat. They really do take up too much room in our basement storage area. The plan is to list them on Friday afternoon and hope someone is willing to purchase this weekend. I think we will ask $100 for the set.

Our Ooma Telo arrived today. I hope to get it set up tonight or tomorrow. It should only take 15 minutes according to the directions. We will be getting a new phone number as our current one is not available for porting. After I determine it working as planned I will cancel the regular phone service and contact everyone with the new number.

After I voted for mayor, city council and a proposed tax, I spent money on new bathroom rugs. Our old set was coming apart in the dryer since they had those rubber backings. I bought two new cotton ones without a backing and spent just $16 out of pocket after using my Kohls cash.

About a week ago, I redeemed some airline miles for a three month daily newspaper subscription. The first issue arrived this morning. My oldest daughter dove right in to read the news! We took advantage of this last year and it said one per household, so I wasn't sure if we would actually get the paper this time.

It is rainy and dark here today again. This is not helping my transition to less light in the evening! Any great ideas for handling the dark days of winter? Is there anyone else with a VoiP phone system? Did you vote today in your local elections?

First of November Snowflakes

November 4th, 2013 at 09:19 pm

I sent in $71.42 to the mortgage principal today. The first of the November snowflakes consisted of that Lands End return from last week, Capital One 360 interest, and the use of gifts we earned from the Southwest Rewards card.

I have just over $24 left in gift cards to use that we earned from Southwest, which means I have spent and matched over $500 to the mortgage. Smile

My Ebay listings did not sell. I relisted and lowered the prices. One already has a bid, so that is a future snowflake.

If you are in need of a snowflake, read my post from late yesterday about opening a

Text is CapitalOne 360 checking account for a $50 bonus and Link is
CapitalOne 360 checking account for a $50 bonus, or just click on that link to read the details!

Need a $75 Snowflake?

November 3rd, 2013 at 10:57 pm

Capital One is offering bonuses when you

Text is open 360 Checking and/or Savings and Link is
open 360 Checking and/or Savings account. Think of these bonuses as snowflakes to put towards your goals!!

You can get $50 for opening a checking account and making two debit card transactions. There is no minimum deposit and you have 45 days to complete the requirements. The bonus is awarded on day 50.

A $25 bonus is available when you open a savings account with a minimum of $250. The bonus is awarded right after the deposit is received, however it is not available for withdrawal for 30 days.

The fine print is on
Text is this referral link and Link is
this referral link, so be sure to read for any other details that I did not mention. I recommend only depositing $20-$30 to the checking account to only cover two debit card transactions you will need to complete. In other words, don't put in any more than you have to. Smile

The bonuses will be considered interest, so expect these bonuses to be taxable. What will you do with your CapitalOne 360 bonus snowflakes?

Friday Wrap Up: Packed Edition

November 1st, 2013 at 08:32 pm

My only intentional snowflake goal was to save $750 toward Christmas. We met this goal back in June. In the meantime, we have take advantage of some credit card rewards. Those snowflakes and snowballs have been applied to our new goal of reducing the debt on our mortgage. I think I initially defined that goal as $1000. And as you can see from the side bar, I more than doubled that goal. As of the end of October, we have $2077.73 that has been sent in to pay down debt. Those two goals combined and accumulated in just 10 months equals $2,828.99.

I might as well shoot for an even $3,000 in snowflakes by the end of the year. That leaves me with $171.01 to go. I'm pretty sure I can do it! In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll exceed it. Smile Thanks Be A Wealthy Warrior for the idea!!

My first snowflake for November are: $48.22 for the Lands' End return I made yesterday and $0.44 from Capital One 360 for interest. That money is already pending payment on the mortgage. Ya know, so the snowflake doesn't melt!

I did a return at Kohl's the other night and got a merchandise credit since the purchase was on one of those gift cards I had. I then asked for a price adjustment to my Kohl's card for the amount of the credit. They couldn't apply it directly, but since I had the receipt of a recent purchase I charged to the card, we did a return and applied and reapplied the merchandise credit and another gift card. Now my balance owed is less!! In the process of repurchasing the item, I earned $10 Kohl's cash. Bonus!!

I did purchase the Ooma Telo. That's a VoiP (voice over internet protocol)phone system. There was an offer to purchase it for $99.99 with free shipping. Once we have it up and running and test it for a few days, we will notify our phone company that we want to cancel. This will save us about $27 per month.

Although, the savings won't really be saved as I expect to upgrade to a smartphone soon, and a new data plan will likely be another $30. We are going cell phone shopping this weekend. We want to check out the 97 cent smartphones at Walmart. We will check directly with Verizon, too, so we know which plan we will have and see who really has the best deal. I do know that I likely will be able to save more by having a smartphone. I can pull up coupons, use Target's cartwheel for discounts, and compare prices when I'm out shopping. That alone might lower the true cost of the data plan. I'll let you know what I get.

I was reminded on the forums about buying gift cards at discounts. I think I even mentioned a deal I did on cat food awhile back using a discounted gift card. I purchased mine from

Text is Cardpool and Link is
Cardpool. However, there are many more sites. One is
Text is Gift Card Granny and Link is
Gift Card Granny which combines the gift cards at many sites into one, which is great to find the best discount. Be sure to read ALL of the fine print. Generally, electronic gift cards received by email can only be used online. These discounted cards save you money before you even make a purchase. And if you combine it with a store coupon you save even more!

Our Halloween night ended with just 8 pieces of candy left. I began the night handing out two per kid because last year I only had 10 kids show up. This year was closer to 25! Big difference. I even gave away some plastic rings/toys that we found in our decluttering. Big hit!

I think I packed enough content into one post for today. Do you buy discounted gift cards for regular purchases? Did you end up with more or less candy that you started with last night? Will you make a snowflake goal for next year?