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Christmas Wish Question

November 13th, 2013 at 09:16 pm

I skipped blogging yesterday! I was here, reading other posts. I post on Sunday, and I am trying to reduce my posts to weekdays only, just to cut down on the time I am on the computer.

I went to Kohl's yesterday and used my $15 in coupons with 15% off on a purse. I paid $4.53 out of pocket. Only there is a problem. I wanted a smaller purse, and that is what I bought. It's too small for even the basics I need with me!! Ack. Now, I have to do a return and hope I can get my coupon values back. Not a big deal if I don't, but it would be nice.

I'm browsing online today for photo holiday cards. I don't always send out cards, or even cards with photos. However, several weeks ago we took lots of family pictures on my parents land prior to their recent move. There is a really nice one of our family that I think many people would be pleased to receive. I only need about 20. I did see a deal on

Text is Hip2Save and Link is
Hip2Save for Snapfish collage prints, 5x7 size, 20 prints plus shipping. In the example they showed the shipping was less than $2! That link is for all the photo deals that site has listed, so some might be of benefit to you.

Tomorrow I have set aside the day to sew. My main goal is to make a fabric case for my daughter's piccolo case. The hard cases for piccolos don't have handles. They are small enough to put in a backpack or bag, but she wants a specific case. She is picked out fabric from my stash and I picked up a zipper today at the store. If I can get that project done, my other daughter wants me to turn her recent latch hook rug into a pillow. Also a new project, but I think one I can work with!

My side of the family, which is just my parents, sister and brother in law have decided to just give each other stocking stuffers for Christmas. We didn't define the amount to be spent, but my sister did say it will keep us from getting stuff we don't need. In my opinion, it means that we buy something that will be used up. I have been brain storming ideas. Here is what I have, but doesn't mean I will be giving them all:

Lotion, gum, mints, homemade vegan chocolate, homemade biscotti, an orange, beef jerky, tea, socks, perfume/cologne, nail polish, lip balm, candles, coffee, duct tape, honey, homemade vanilla, handmade napkins, coasters, nuts and seeds, popcorn, jellies, sausage, cheese, gift cards, cash, dish soap, scented hand soap, a nice pen, hot cocoa, flower bulbs or seeds, a calendar, note paper.

I can think of some that I don't know if even I would want to get: toothpaste, floss, shaving cream, razors, shampoo, batteries, saran wrap or foil.

If I was going to put a treat in your stocking that costs less than $20 and isn't going to be junk or take up space later, what would you want? Do you give stocking stuffers to anyone on your list?

Again, sorry about the Christmas topic prior to Thanksgiving. I seem to be starting to focus on making my lists and getting some tasks done!

11 Responses to “Christmas Wish Question”

  1. SecretarySaving Says:

    Instead of a refund would it be easier to just exchange it?

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    hmm, there are LOTS of good things for under $20, and truthfully when it is a little something that I wouldn't normally buy for myself it's more delightful. Still can be a necessity of sorts, but not the run-of-the-mill dishsoap or toothpaste!!!

    Try going to the health food store for: specialty (locally made!) bar soap ; body products with only NORMAL ingredients that you can pronounce; locally farmed specially flavored honey ; candles from non-animal ingredients ; small batch chocolates from US companies ; small batch coffee from fair trade companies

    Any of those things are a treat to me.

    Try going to an arts shop for: hand knit gloves or socks; pottery such as a one-of-a-kind mug or goblet; there are ideas you would never have though of and lots under $20

    Calendars are on the way out, we had a fundraiser with them and they bombed.

  3. SecretarySaving Says:

    If I got stocking stuffer gifts I'd like a theme. For instance cupcakes, a cupcake holder, cupcake liners, cute spatula, sprinkles, recipe book and mixes. Or a music themed one with ITunes card, headphones and iphone case. Relaxation stocking, stuff from bath and body works, candle, fuzzy socks and a good book.

  4. SecretarySaving Says:

    Try Shutterfly. Go down the list on and add codes to your account and you'll have free shipping and free prints. If you use mycokerewards or kellogscodes then you can get more shutterfly codes to add.

  5. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Great blog topic! I like these ideas. One theme could be details on someone's next vacation destination and include foods from that place, recipe cards, fridge magnet, a few coins, a map. Or for a college student have ingredients for cheap meals in the stocking and recipes from your own cookbook. I did one for a bike rider (not a motorcycle) and included a bike route city map, a water bottle holder, etc. And one thing I bought everyone last year were ipad gloves. Less than 10 bucks and you can use them on any technology.

  6. snafu Says:

    I hope it's ok to mention stocking stuffers we've received that were terrific. DH is still using a key chain from years ago with miniature Leatherman multi tools [LED light, 3 screwdriver heads, nail file, knife]. Teens love flash drives, colorful plastic coin holder & cable wraps. I loved gel foot petal, shoe inserts, spray glued, craft store bling to hair accessories, lip balm and quality lotion as winter dries out skin so drastically. Family loved pkgs of home made hot chocolate powder that you just added hot water. It had dried marshmallow bits that fluffed up and rose to the top. The Dollar store, light weight CC holders are terrific for gift cards.

  7. starfishy Says:

    it's great that you are thinking ahead! for under $20 yankee gift swaps, some of my favorite gifts to give are: a stack of good quality organic or local chocolate bars in an assortment of flavors (i watch for sales and buy them then); a gift certificate to the local food coop or other local store that has useful items to buy (as opposed to a gift shop with knick knacks); a head scratcher - i get them at a local store for about $6 each and they are always a hit (for example:; a food item that is a splurge - some nice local cheese, an assortment of local heirloom apples or other fruit. if it was for my stocking i would definitely want to receive something that the person giving knew i liked. a friend of mine often gives me dark chocolate (which i don't like and she never remembers), but on the other hand, her daughter knows what kind i actually do like, so if she gives me a present, she knows it's something that i will like! i enjoy when people remember my tastes. sorry - this comment got a bit long! good luck with your gift choices. Smile

  8. My English Castle Says:

    I buy fancy mustards, sauces, and spices too. Really nice socks, like my favorite Smartwools if you feel like splashing out? Or a pretty scarf?

  9. PNW Mom Says:

    All great idea's. If you are interested in homemade and handmade gifts, check out has tons of terrific ideas.

  10. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    For $6 (or less) -- a box of Russell Stover French Chocolate Mints. Yum! They're too expensive to buy very often, so could make a great gift for a chocolate lover. Smile Oh, another one -- Terry's Chocolate Orange to put at the big toe of the stocking. (about $3.) Smile Can you guess what kind of theme I'd go for? Smile

  11. CB in the City Says:

    Oh yes, Terry's Chocolate Orange! In my stocking I would also like to see SmartWool socks, coffee, Lindt chocolates, reading glasses, a pretty bookmark, earrings, a jar of preserves, lip balm, fancy tea bags, or gift cards.

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