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The Big Savings Goal

Curiosity got the best of you. You need to know what our BIG goal is, right?

As of April, 2017 we expect to have about six and a half years (October 2023) until my husband retires from the military with a pension check. We currently rent our home, and expect to move at least two more times before we settle down.

We have about $40,000 currently saved. This is definitely money we could use for a downpayment, on a $200,000 home. But why stop there? Why not try to save more for that next house? Why not try to save up and pay for the whole thing?!

Yep, that is the BIG goal. Saving another $160,000 in the next seven years.

And we are going to attempt to do it while our girls are in college...hopefully without student loans.