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Mortgage Snowflake

November 27th, 2013 at 02:24 pm

I sent in a $32.51 snowflake to the mortgage last night. This snowflake is made up of $6 from Pinecone surveys, a $1.51 Ebay profit, and the $25 credit from American Express for the Staples offer. That Staples offer credit was applied FAST! I wasn't expecting that. So cool.

I did pay off the purchase of our new dining table and chairs in full yesterday. I took the money from savings to make the $1121.36 payment. Not fun to see the balance go down, but we like the table and I'd rather have the savings go down than see a large credit card bill! Smile

I did sell four things on Ebay this past week. My profit was $1.51 for one auctions. Two auctions were my daughters things and she earned $18.86. She is saving her money to purchase a Photoshop program, so small amounts help. I sold an item for my mom, and she earned $5.50. The one item I had that didn't sell has been relisted and will end on Cyber Monday. If it doesn't sell then, it will be time to donate.

We bought quite a bit of wine and beer last night. We found a deal on a case (12 bottles) of wine. Each bottle was $3.98. The store offered 10% off with the purchase of 12. The manufacturer of the wine is offering an $18 rebate for the purchase of 12. This works out to $2.08 a bottle. And we drink and like this wine, so that is a bonus! I will get that rebate in the mail as soon as possible.

I will do a more complete November snowflake update in a couple days, but it looks like so far I have accumulated $146.78 this month. Not terrible, but not my best month by far. There are a lot of snowflakes forming in several areas, but those may not come to fruition until December or even January.

Time to start all that baking, I mentioned yesterday. What dish is your favorite to prepare and eat for Thanksgiving?

4 Responses to “Mortgage Snowflake”

  1. laura Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Because there are so many of us to be "guests" at my brother's house, I make the traditional green bean casserole, a cornbread casserole, chocolate chip cookies and lemon rice cookies. I like the baking part the best!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    No cooking or baking for me! My brother, who hosts Thanksgiving, is a former chef, and he insists on making it all! I'm bringing wine this year.

  3. Merilu Says:

    Laura - what are lemon rice cookies? Would you be willing to share the recipe? Sounds yummy to me.

  4. beawealthywarrior Says:

    I also got my $10 credit from AMEX for using it at JcPenney. I agree that it was super fast! I hope u have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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