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Prepping for Thankgiving

November 26th, 2013 at 07:11 pm

Part of me wants to complain about the work I have to do to get ready for guests. I think this is because I feel I'm doing all the work alone. My husband came for lunch and asked if it was okay if he worked out after work today...well it is if you can also help me when you are done! I need a twin bed set up in another room, wine and beer purchased, a shower cleaned and couches rearranged. It seems he was on board with that. I know he is busy with work, but if it would be nice if he could see how much work I'm doing to prepare.

I will spend the rest of today cleaning, moving sheets and blankets to another room, vacuuming the carpets, doing at least one load of laundry, maybe two, and numerous other odds in ends. Like finding my gravy boat and getting it cleaned. I'm pretty sure I know where it is!

Tomorrow is baking day. We will be making scones, pumpkin pie, a focaccia bread, and a stuffed bread. I'm also putting together a pumpkin lentil soup for us to eat for dinner which is around the time our guests are arriving. And there is some cleaning on the list, too! The girls are helping with the baking, but it will be a long day.

I'm thankful really that I have family to spend Thanksgiving with, and family that wants to drive here to spend it with us. If something doesn't get done, or something doesn't work out right in the cooking they are all very forgiving and understanding. It won't matter to them one bit. I'm thankful my husband is home to be with us on Thanksgiving, as there have been a few years where he was not. I'm also thankful for our good health.

It's all good, isn't it? What are you most thankful for?

7 Responses to “Prepping for Thankgiving”

  1. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    This year is a special program!!
    Each of my kid/husband pick the one thing they want for the meal and will prepare it. I will supervise but give nothing but my voice!

    This is the way the kids will learn how to make the family traditions and I don't do it all myself Smile
    So far the meal is
    me-turkey and stuffing, green beans with toasted almonds
    Dad-mashed potatoes
    daughter-homemade cranberry sauce
    son-has only grumbled! but if he wants sweet potatoes he better step up!

    We have guests bringing pie, we might make homemade ice cream over the weekend. And will have salad vegetables to make light lunches all weekend.

    Would love to hear some suggestions on how to instill a humble feeling (we aren't the grace saying types) at the meal. Especially to get the teens thinking but perhaps with humor. Is that possible?

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I like your program! I do have lots of people helping with meal prep for the actual thanksgiving feast, so not too worried about that part.

    We sing the Johnny Appleseed Song...the first verse, followed by several Amens. I wish I could demonstrate it for you! It does still refer to Lord however. We aren't big into saying grace either, so I understand the dilemma. Often after the meal, we go around the table and state what we are thankful for. Not sure the kids are fans of that, but it does give pause for the day.

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    thx for the idea, a song! i think there is a girl scout one that might fit. I don't mind a thanks to God, I just want to make reference to the details in our daily life. I'll work on it! have a good time with your family!

  4. Jenn Says:

    I've been trying (hopefully with some success) to teach our kids about the importance of service work, and that we do it to show appreciation for our own blessings. So in addition to expressing what we're thankful for, I'm planning to add what we're doing to express our thankfulness. (or what we could do in the month remaining of 2013)

    I love the Johnny Appleseed song idea! I just watched it on Youtube - how cool.

  5. Buendia Says:

    I am so thankful for everything in my life! (Even though my parents have already arrived and are making me nuts and I have to do all of those houseguest things - some cooking tomorrow, put sheets on the bed, move the keyboard out of the spare room etc).

    We are going to draw or write a poem about what we're thankful for, and then everyone else has to guess what it is.

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    @Jenn, I looked online for the song, and could see there was one or two, but my computer wasn't cooperating to load it.

  7. PatientSaver Says:

    I am thankful that my parents are still here with me at a time when many of my friends' parents are not. I am thankful that I have somehow muddled through 4 very difficult years and many times when I was near despair, someone or something happened to assist me and propel me on.

    If there's anything I've learned since 2009, it's that nothing is cast in stone, meaning, you can't count on anything, for sure, but at the same time, you never know what's around the corner, so hang in, even when all seems lost.

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