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Decluttered, Selling, Planning, Considering

November 22nd, 2013 at 02:18 am

Yesterday, I went down to our basement storage room and found enough stuff to get rid of to fill three large storage bags. The good news is, I got it to Goodwill this morning. Smile

I listed five items on Ebay this evening. I made them three day auctions to end on Sunday. If they sell, I hope I can get them mailed out before the holiday. If they don't, I will relist on Monday as seven day auctions. This means they will end on Cyber Monday. Not sure if all of this is great planning or not. It's worth a try. If they don't sell by that time, I will give the items to Goodwill. Actually, I have a book series listed that would probably go to the used book store for a little cash.

I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family. We are unable to travel due to my husband's work commitments, so my family is traveling here. Such good family. Smile So now, I'm planning dinner and other meals for their visit. It feels like a lot of work!

After MonkeyMama's post about the new Chase Sapphire Preferred Bonus offer, I'm considering applying. My husband and I have both done this offer in the past. I'm pretty sure it has been more than a year since I applied. We can meet the minimum. I just wasn't planning to apply for two cards in such a short time. My husband applied for the Chase Freedom offer just yesterday. I know I sure would like an extra $550!

Do you serve and plan your Thanksgiving dinner? Or do you take a dish or dessert?

3 Responses to “Decluttered, Selling, Planning, Considering”

  1. Buendia Says:

    I'm in a constant state of decluttering, bringing things to goodwill and selling things on ebay or craigslist! Not sure how we have so much stuff!

    We switch off - one year at our house and we do all the cooking/planning/purchasing, one year at my brother's and he and his wife cook and one year at my parents' house (my brother and I share the cooking, but my mother buys the ingredients).

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    This year NE and I will be going to the faculty Thanksgiving at my principal's house. I'll be bringing 2 bottles of sparkling grape juice and maybe a side dish (thinking mashed sweet potatoes, or corn pudding.) Last year I brought a dessert to the home of the family who invited me. Who knows what next year will bring. Smile

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Yep, we're bringing sides. I've promised something green and something orange. Good luck with your decluttering--nice timing on the Goodwill visit.

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