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A Frugal Porch Decoration

November 8th, 2013 at 03:17 pm

First I want to apologize for the Christmas topic before Thanksgiving. My girls are very irritated at all the Christmas advertising and music they are seeing this early.

At our previous home we would put out lights on the eaves of the house and our bushes, in addition to garland and lights on the railing. Last year, with a new home we found ourselves with very small bushes, and no railing. I managed to put out a wreath on the porch, which was fine, but not quite enough.

This year I have begun browsing Pinterest for porch ideas. I came across a simple way to put a tree with lights on my front porch. It is basically a tomato cage turned upside down in a pot and wrapped with garland. And the best part is I had everything I needed to put it together. I intend to add real pine cones for a natural look. My mom has picked some up from her yard to bring to me. I will add white lights once it is placed on our porch.

Here are a couple pictures to give you an idea of what this will look like.

The color may look inconsistent in the picture because I used two different types of garland. In person it is not very noticeable. I think I used 6 strands of 6 foot garland to cover the tomato cage. If I have one more somewhere, I may wrap it around the bottom to make it wider. I also intend to put something heavy in the bottom of the pot to keep it from blowing over.

I figure this configuration will save me from buying a porch tree at the store that might cost $40 or more! It will at least be a frugal experiment. Do you have a frugal holiday decorating idea?

I read on MyMoneyBlog that the Southwest Rapids Reward credit card is offering 50,000 bonus points through November 18 for spending $2,000 in three months, if you are interested.

7 Responses to “A Frugal Porch Decoration”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    I love it! And I really like the idea of using the garland the tomato cage.

  2. momcents Says:

    Very pretty! I use a rustic tree in our covered walkway up to our house. My mom rescued it from the left overs after a rummage sale at her school years ago. I can't understand why anyone didn't grab it. I love it! Maybe will post pictures, too!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    My father-in-law makes cones of his tomato cages and wraps them in Christmas lights. He uses six of them across his front flower bed and secures them with stakes. They are each a different color and look really pretty from the road like little Christmas trees. He only uses the 50 light strands so they don't look overdone.

  4. littlegopher Says:

    I love this idea! Hope you'll post a picture of your porch when you're done.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    @lg, I will try to post a picture...I just have to remember!
    @LR, I've seen that idea done, too. I have a couple extra cages leftover that I could do that with.

  6. PatientSaver Says:

    The Southwest deal is for only a $2,000 spend, not $3,000. I probably would go for but I JUST got yet another $100 bonus card, from BankAmericard. Maybe in a little while....

  7. creditcardfree Says:

    I've correct that PS, thanks for catching the error.

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