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Terrain Theory

April 28th, 2020 at 01:36 am


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It's a message that is missing from this conversation. Our individual health matters much more than the actions of others around us. I welcome the opportunity to be part of those that get the virus to create community immunity. My husband thinks he had it in the middle of February, and if so, I did not come down with anything after being exposed.

May you all be well!

Pending Stimulus and More

April 14th, 2020 at 02:30 pm

The stimulus money is pending in our account. We are getting $2,400. Our children are over 17, so we do not get, nor do we need the extra $500 per child. We do not even need the $2,400.

We have not made any decisions on this money. I think I'm waiting to see how this plays out a bit. I do think it will get spent in some form or another, which is the point. I have quite a few ideas of things we could invest in to make us more self reliant, but may need to help our daughter or some nieces and nephews.

Our oldest daughter is close to freaking out about graduation and not finding a job. Job postings are minimal. She is looking in multiple states. There is one that is more local that I really want her to get. No word on that yet, and I could see it be a situation where they may be on a hiring freeze. She does have an internship that started back up this week online. She was asked when she graduates and when she said in a couple weeks, he said she can stay on after graduation until she finds another job. That would be really great, although if they go back to in person, could create a housing issue. As it is now she is living 45 minutes away from work with my parents, but they still might work for her. This organization is also in a hiring freeze, so not being able to replace her would be noticeable. This organization also paid her four weeks when they closed down and she didn't work at all.❤️

Another Housing Refund

April 9th, 2020 at 08:07 pm

Our oldest daughter received her housing refund of $963.79. It seems lower than expected and I haven't yet had the motivation to investigate and do the math. I don't see other parents complaining about wrong amounts, so I expect it is probably right.

My hope is that she will ultimately put this amount on her student loan debt, which she only had to take out this final year (her fifth year, two degrees). The total debt she took out was $5,500. Maybe she can round up and make $1000 her first payment!

Now she just needs to finish up these classes, graduation (ceremony cancelled, but can walk in future ceremonies) and find a job!

Housing and Meal Plan Refund

April 3rd, 2020 at 02:48 pm

Our youngest daughter's University has offered a 40% refund on housing and meal plans due to closing. She is living with us, but we have not yet made the trip to clean out her dorm, which currently we have until May 9 to complete.

The housing refund for the semester is $1423.80
The meal plan refund for the semester is $867.48
Total is $2,291.28

I have simply set that money aside to assist us in making the fall payments. I may not need to withdraw as much from her ESA next semester.

We are still waiting on the housing refund for our oldest daughter. More on that later!

Paying Ourselves Back: March 2020

April 1st, 2020 at 03:30 pm

We are paying ourselves back for money we put down on our daughter's car in May 2019. I am putting all sources of extra funds towards that goal. Here's what I found in March:

US Bank $12.33
Chase Rewards $9.92
Amex Rewards $45.03
Swagbucks (Paypal) $25
Ebay Sales $22.28
Pinecone $3.00
USAA Rebate $3.00
Army Travel Excess $119.42

Total $239.98

Prior Payback Balance: $254.69
New Payback Balance: $14.71

Well isn't that interesting! So close to payoff. I think it is time to call it paid back though. I'm pretty sure I sold at least two items locally for $5 each this past month...a bit of a blur, but I know I didn't allocate those funds to any pot of money. And I know we added money to our emergency fund far in excess of $4.71, so....

it's paid off!! Happy, happy dancing'!!

New Payback Balance: $0.00

All of these types of funds will go towards the BIg Goal starting this month.

March 2020 Big Goal Progress

April 1st, 2020 at 03:20 pm

We make automatic deposits to our money savings account each pay period! So easy. Highly recommend!

March Big Goal Additions
Paycheck 3/1 $260
Paycheck 3/15 $260
Total Interest $173.11
Total Contribution $693.11

YTD Total $2,069.44
New Big Goal Total $74,153.37

Goal is $200,000. We are at 37.08% of goal. I celebrate every deposit and every milestone on the way there!

This month I am grateful my husband has a job and it still getting paid.

March 2020 Interest Income

April 1st, 2020 at 03:15 pm

And interest rates begin to fall...

FNBO Direct is at 1% APR as of this writing.
NFCU is our certificate with a 3.20% APR until June 10, 2020.
We can add money to this one.

I will be looking for the right combination of certificates for this volatile time, currently seeing new ones at NFCU for 12 and 18 months for 1.65%. If I can add more money later, I may open one of these. May open one regardless if we can add. Just makes my decision easier! Will do more research soon.

Here's the interest we earned on our cash savings last month:

FNBO $46.95
NFCU $126.06
USAA $0.13
Total $173.11

All interest was saved towards our Big Goal.