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The Plan to Sell

March 25th, 2015 at 04:19 pm

We are getting closer to selling our home. We had a talk with a realtor nearly a month ago. We decided to wait to commit to her, but as of this week we felt confident she was the right gal for us.

The plan is that we will have pictures taken right after Easter with the hope that the grass is greener. We will sign the listing agreement later that week and by early the following week (mid April) the home will be on the market! We would list right now, but we don't want to close until mid June at the earliest, and with our neighborhood being hot we don't want to put it out there too soon and then have it look stale just because of our closing date being farther out.

The realtor is going to start talking about our home and asked if we were willing to show it before we list. Ummm...yes! I'm ready to show it and happy we have a clear plan on where we are going from here.

Is anyone else, besides LAL, selling a home this year? Anyone buying?

Band Trip to Disney

March 24th, 2015 at 09:11 pm

My daughter's band trip to Orlando Florida is over. She returned with a smile on her face. It seems it was a really good time and I think she learned some things musically and socially.

I'm secretly thrilled that she returned with some of the cash I sent her with. She took $200 and came home with $121.84! She spent her $78+ on three souvenir pins (one given to her sister) plus water, snacks and a couple meals (most were included in the trip cost).

I can't really call the return of my money in this case a snowflake, but I will be putting it towards some recent costs, such as two new pairs of glasses (one for each of my daughter's) that were charged on a credit card.

In other news...we contacted the realtor we spoke to nearly a month ago to let her know we are ready to start moving forward. She and I are going to talk more tomorrow.

eBay Sale and More

March 20th, 2015 at 07:41 am

I made another eBay sale. Item was $32.95, so my proceeds will be less than that. We also found a toy in my daughter bedroom to list online. I hope to make at least $10 on it. I might also have two skirts I could sell as well. I haven't decided on those yet though.

I took advantage of a couple Target offers this week that provided $5 gift cards. There is an offer to spend $20 on various health care type items, such as hair care, razor blades, lotion, sun care, soap, deodorant and more. Over two days I bought $40 worth of items, using $13.50 in coupons and received $15 in gift cards. In the end all the items cost me $21.50, and actually probaly even less since I used my Target Red card for the 5% off. I love it when deals, sales and coupons align!

My husband has been fully reimbursed for his portion of the move. We received one payment for the actual travel entitlements which amounted to $628.29. I used about $128 to reimburse cash taken out of our savings account, the remaining $500 went to cover some of the clothing purchased for my husband, gas for travel, and the one night in a hotel.

We received a second travel payment which was for moving some of our household goods. It was primarily all of his clothes and army equipment. It is a taxable payment and was reduced by 25% for withholding. The net amount was $365.90. I will also use this money to pay off some more money we have recently put on credit cards in the last couple weeks.

I feel better when money is flowing in!

Even More eBay Sales!

March 16th, 2015 at 07:40 am

I had five auctions end on eBay last night. Three sold, two did not. The gross sales were $67.50. I plan to donate one of the items and hold the other for a better time of year. I still have one item listed which I will maintain as a Buy It Now sale for another three weeks. If it doesn't sell in that time I will take it down for awhile.

My PayPal account is getting fat with these recent sales, a Swagbucks deposit as well as a pending Pinecone deposit. I hope to get all the money transfered and sent to the Wells Fargo Amex card by the end of the week. I'll let you know what my final snowflake total is then! Smile

I'm on a pretty active sales page on Facebook for my area. I can see that if I listed some items there I might get some takers. I'm not ready to do that yet, but I'm thinking about it.

Wells Fargo Amex Payment Made

March 9th, 2015 at 01:48 pm

If memory and my notes serve me correctly, we started 2015 with $700 in debt on our Wells Fargo American Express card. It is at 0% interest, but we need to pay it off soon so we can cancel the card and not be charged a hefty annual fee.

I have been making payments all year on the card. With a payment of $109.52 which is all snowflakes/found money(primarily from eBay sales), we know owe just $185.29.

I'll be honest this is getting a bit tedious for me. I may just pay it off next week. I do have some more auctions that could net some more cash, so I will likely wait until after that.

Is it bad to say I'd like to find another $150 to charge to the card before we cancel? I think that amount would get me to the threshold with points to redeem $25. I guess I should start using it for purchases in the next two or three weeks. I'm sure I will have expenses that will add up to that. I already tried looking at our utilities but none of them accept American Express for payment.

That's the status! At least the amount owed is going down. I am looking forward to one less card soon.

More eBay Sales!

March 6th, 2015 at 04:18 pm

I have more eBay sales in the works. One item sold this afternoon and two that currently have bids will end on Sunday. There could be more. I have my fingers crossed that is the case.

I will likely relist any that didn't sell this go around. At a lower price of course! I'm also going to look in my stash of items to see if there are another couple that I could get listed on Sunday. If memory serves me correct, I may have two. Smile

All sales money is going to pay off the Wells Fargo credit card. I was able to make a payment from one of my accounts to the card for about $78. I want to make another payment, but found out I can only make 5 payments in one calendar month, so I'm waiting a bit longer (after the eBay sales end) to make another payment. My current balance on the card is $294.81. I'm getting there!

He is in the East

March 5th, 2015 at 07:26 am

My husband made it to our new hometown late yesterday. He is on the east coast and made it ahead of all the storm stuff brewing out there! I feel less stressed now that he is there safely. He is now MORE stressed that he is there because of needing to acclimate to new surroundings and people. We will survive. Smile

I haven't checked on his expenses yet. It was one night in a hotel, gas and food. I know he took cash out in case of tolls also. The good news on those expenses they will get reimbursed. Hopefully quickly!!

I had lunch with another soldiers wife yesterday. Spent nearly $20 on lunch and tip, but we hung out at the restaurant for nearly 3 hours! I always love a nice social lunch.

I have an eBay buyer wanting to return an items. They weren't the size she thought they were. It's not clothing and I don't think I had measurements on the listing, but she didn't ask before buying either. I have offered to take them back, she pays shipping and I refund purchase price only. Personally, she would be ahead to try to list them herself for sale. If she returns them to me at her expense, she is out nearly $20 in shipping! And she only paid $11 for the item. We will see what she does!

How is the weather on the east coast for those of you that way? Are you expecting any reimbursements? Have you returned a purchase to an eBay seller before?

Another Sale

February 27th, 2015 at 07:04 pm

I had another eBay sale last night, which I promptly shipped today. There seem to be quite a few people watching items I have listed. I hope more sell over the weekend so I can ship on Monday! I have at least one item maybe more I need to list this weekend as well.

It's payday, but our day has been busy. I hope to get all bills paid tomorrow and pay down more on our credit card debt.

Have a great weekend!!

Two eBay Sales

February 25th, 2015 at 07:07 am

I listed four items for sale on eBay on Sunday, and then yesterday proceeded to add another 13 items. And as of last night, I sold two items. Gross proceeds were just over $68!

My husband got a speeding ticket yesterday. I had even said, "don't speed" before he left! Ugh. He got impatient with someone going below the speed limit. He went around, but way faster than the speed limit. The ticket is $114.

So I guess some of the sales will help pay off the ticket in addition to the credit cards we are working on (which are at 0% interest). And I just sold another item while writing this email, so make that $76 in sales!

I'm just excited to finally get some of these items listed. I have more, but need to find some big boxes to put them in! I'll check the free boxes at the post office today when I mail the sold packages.

Have you ever had a speeding ticket? Are you selling anything right now?

A Snowflake

February 23rd, 2015 at 09:55 am

I earned enough Swagbucks to redeem for $25 in Paypal cash, and it arrived today in my Paypal account. I have already requested transfer to my bank account. This money will go to pay off the Propel Amex card we have a balance on. (No interest is accruing!)

I listed four items on eBay last night and expect to keep adding items everyday this week. Any sales will be considered snowflakes and will help reduce that credit card balance listed above.

I don't plan on opening any credit cards for bonuses until after our move, or at least until we have housing secure. This will likely keep my snowflake progress lower than in the past. At least for the first half of the year. I may also stop working on Swagbucks for a little while,since I have a lot of things to work on getting ready for our move.

Where are most of your snowflakes/found money coming from this month?

$140 in Snowflakes

January 27th, 2015 at 12:11 pm

We sold our old refrigerator last night. I posted it on Craigslist at 3pm and by 6:30pm it had been picked up. They paid $100 for a very nice 10 year old fridge. They even commented how nice it was. And it was...it just didn't match the house that we will be selling soon. It does look much better. I really glad we didn't have them haul it away for recycling. It will still get some use and we have $100!

I see that two people have already used [url=http://www3.ooma.com/refer-a-friend/?referral_code=FUD3038]my referral code to Ooma[/url]. This means I have $40 coming my way in about six weeks. The deadline for the current $89.99 offer is on Friday, January 30, if you are thinking of switching from a traditional land line.

I'm working with the Pinecone Rewards program to figure out the problem with cashing out my 300 points for $3. I sent them a screen shot of what options I'm seeing after then had me try clearing my browser history. I even changed browsers as another option. We will see what happens!

In moving news, we are still waiting on orders. We really can't move forward on anything until that part is finalized. Smile

Have you sold an appliance before? Did it sell fast like mine?

Less Debt Because of Snowflakes

January 12th, 2015 at 06:51 pm

I have accumulated another $64.73 in snowflakes (extra money). And I made sure to get them sent off to a credit (0% interest) card so our debt will go down.

We have two credit cards that we are running balances on. I'm stubborn about not wanting to use our savings I guess. I have the money to pay them in full. It is just nice to have 0% interest and not have to dip in to other cash.

I sent the above snowflakes to our Wells Fargo Amex. It had a $700 balance. With the payment deducted, we owe $635.27. Less debt! And paid with snowflakes!!

The other credit card we have a balance on is our Citi Thank You Preferred. It has a balance of $661.27.

I plan to pay off the Wells Fargo Amex first so that we can close it. It also has a hefty annual fee after the first year, so we don't want to be hit with that!

While I was checking balances I decide to redeem 2,500 Citi Thank You points for a $25 Panera gift card. I figure it is good for a family lunch or night out. I will match debt reduction or savings when we use it.

Have you redeemed any credit card rewards this month? Did you pay off some debt, or accumulated any snowflakes?