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March 2020 Interest Income

April 1st, 2020 at 03:15 pm

And interest rates begin to fall...

FNBO Direct is at 1% APR as of this writing.
NFCU is our certificate with a 3.20% APR until June 10, 2020.
We can add money to this one.

I will be looking for the right combination of certificates for this volatile time, currently seeing new ones at NFCU for 12 and 18 months for 1.65%. If I can add more money later, I may open one of these. May open one regardless if we can add. Just makes my decision easier! Will do more research soon.

Here's the interest we earned on our cash savings last month:

FNBO $46.95
NFCU $126.06
USAA $0.13
Total $173.11

All interest was saved towards our Big Goal.

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