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April 28th, 2020 at 01:36 am


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It's a message that is missing from this conversation. Our individual health matters much more than the actions of others around us. I welcome the opportunity to be part of those that get the virus to create community immunity. My husband thinks he had it in the middle of February, and if so, I did not come down with anything after being exposed.

May you all be well!

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  1. Smallsteps Says:

    I am almost positive that I did have it in early march it was very mild for me but had all the classic symptoms dry cough /headache / aches and towards the end of week i seemed to not have sense of smell or taste ... that came back after another week. My DH had an even shorter period of cough but nothing much else. Perhaps if your DH had it you are one of those who had developed antibodies and never had any symptoms.

    Every day more and more testing in places are showing a rather large amount of people whom HAD it and did not have any complications to even seek medical care. NY is showing 10x as many people whom have been exposed. IMO there is a very large amount of herd immunity out there and these lockdowns need to be eased or opened.

  2. Jenn Says:

    DH had an annual check-up a few weeks ago and the blood work showed a high marker for the liver. (forgot the letters - I'd have to look). Anyway, the doctor repeated the test a few days later and it was normal. A virus can be one of the causes of a temporary high reading. At that time our town didn't have the antibody tests. They do now so DH scheduled an appointment for the test yesterday. He tested positive for the Covid-19 antibodies.

    That means that it's likely that our family had it but with mild or no symptoms.i can't help thinking that there must be lots of people like us.

    I wonder if one of the grocery runs is to blame. Or my last business trip in early March. Or could it have been even earlier? We'll probably never know. DH has committed to donate plasma to help others.

  3. Wink Says:

    And that's what makes this virus so dangerous. It seems that many people who have it are asymptomatic, and can unknowingly pass it on and infect those who are health compromised, or elderly. Or, in some cases, perfectly healthy young people who then wind up in intensive care, or worse. I'm glad your husband and family are OK and that he is willing to help by donating his plasma.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    99.8% of people recovering. It is not dangerous if most people recover and/or never show symptoms. Where the fear lies is that individuals do not know their own health status, or their risk factors. This is why knowing your personal health risks is key to any virus or illness. I do think our medical professionals could be doing far better at this, particularly the Vitamin D levels. Even cancer is rare in people with high VItamin D levels.

    I'm still shocked this virus hasn't met Koch's postulates yet. At least I have yet to find that study. If anyone comes across it I'd love to see it.

    There are so many people who had a strange flu going back even as far as December. They have never found patient zero. And it's only because China did some digging to discover it as new, so I wonder if it was here much earlier and our own health system failed to identify it? That is still the job of the investigative reporters and scientists to figure out.

  5. Rune Says:

    What makes you think that having it confers immunity? And if it does, for how long? I haven't seen any real data on that yet.

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    All viruses confer immunity. The length varies, nearly always longer naturally than if you were to get a vaccine. Most people don't realize that vaccine immunity wanes, thus the need for boosters. Most adults have lost immunity to vaccines they received as children. The more immunity in the community the less virulent a virus. You can't make a vaccine if there isn't some sort of immunity conferred by the natural form, so they shouldn't be making one if there is not immunity conferred by getting it. Actually this is a terrible type of virus to create a vaccine with. They have been trying since the 90s, and every time they do the trials in mice they get vaccine enhancement. This has been the dengue fever vaccine problem which is killing people, or giving them a worse form of the illness, when they come into contact with the virus again. I won't touch it if it ever comes into being. I'm well aware that the worst outcomes, of any virus is due to low Vitamin D levels and other comorbidities,, which is in the scientific literature in many, many places and even studies have been begun on this virus pointing to the same thing. And then add in Vitamin C and those studies...there are ways to naturally avoid the negative effects and ways to naturally recover. It's sad that more people (and some medical doctors) don't read more science and that our health agencies are complicit with Ph arma goals or can only suggest patentable drugs. There are many doctors, generally functional MDs who are treating patients with CV naturally, aka nutritionally, with no hospitalizations.

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