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Listings on Ebay and More Snowflakes

February 5th, 2020 at 09:49 pm

I've listed quite a few things on eBay. I've already sold a pair of brand new jeans I never wore when I was that size! The other items may or may not be in demand. I have noticed that it is easy to keep listings up long term, through the Buy It Now option. Eventually someone seems buy many of them. I just have to manage how long I want the items that I no longer want sitting in my closet!

My husband traveled for work in January. His travel payment came through this week. He kept his expenses under the allowed per diem, which made us $122.15. That money will be allocated towards the Big Goal.

By the way our Big Goal is to save $200K towards our next home, possibly four years from now. It's BIG. It may not be realistic, or attainable, but we are moving in that direction. It may be some of the funds will get used for something other than a house. But I didn't want to spend years renting and not making some headway towards a home if that make sense. The effort and the progress is where I am currently focused. It's not necessarily what we do with the money when the time comes. As a saver it may be really hard to part with a large pile of cash, but I also want to keep debt, if any, realistic, too!

Are you decluttering? Are you selling anything to bring in extra funds?

4 Responses to “Listings on Ebay and More Snowflakes”

  1. LifeBalance Says:

    As you know, I'm a fan of your big goal. It's like paying off a mortgage you don't have yet.

    I used to sell on eBay but now I give it to a local place similar to Goodwill. eBay just charged so much in fees that I made very little and it took time to package things to ship. If I had a big value item though, I'd still probably do it.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, it is like paying off a future mortgage. At least if we get one it will be far less borrowed than if we didn't have these funds.

    I definitely go through spurts with eBay. There are many items that just don't make it worth it for sure! I've sold two more things since I posted.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Good plan, as far as saving for a house. Years ago we knew we wanted to move so we really went into overdrive in figuring out ways to save to have more cash on hand. We were currently in a house that we and the bank owned, but wanted a ranch. We had been making extra payments on the current house so that helped. We wound up selling things like jewelry and other items and stashed the money away so we wouldn't be tempted to spend it on something else. This was almost 22 years old and the house we wound up getting was $94,000 which seemed so expensive. Housing prices where we live are not as expensive as other areas. We did have some equity on our other house, but not a lot, but that extra money sure came in handy. I'm sure you will figure out a way to save for it because you are one smart cookie.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I have a box of things I'm debating about either selling or giving away.

    I did some de-cluttering in January, but not nearly enough.

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