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We Were Boozed: Update

October 25th, 2019 at 11:43 am

I loved all the replies on my post about being Boozed!! It is interesting, odd, yet a little fun all at the same time! My post may have sounded a bit negative, but I am all about being neighborly. We live on base, so these are coworkers and fellow military members and families. We support each other in fun and work.

This is what we received.

Note this

Text is flyer and Link is
flyer, which is what you put on your door once you have been Boozed, so people know not to hit your home again!

Originally, I was just going to do one basket, but decided I would rather pass on some of what was in our original basket. The flyer stated to give two baskets, which I found a bit odd. I don't think that is what the other neighbors had been doing.

I purchased a bottle of red wine for $6.49 at our local exchange on base. I also bought a small fall themed candle, a Halloween themed pail, a 3pk of purple glow sticks, and a 2pk of orange curly ribbon. Each item was a $1 at Dollar Tree, so I spent $4.37 with tax. In total I spent $10.86.

I purchased the above items with a specific family in mind, a coworker of my husband, his wife and three daughters. They had not been Boozed yet. The glow sticks were for the kids. The wine and candle for the couple. I added candy to both baskets from two large bags I bought last month and have had in my freezer.

The second basket, was made up of the pail and the bottle of wine given to us. I changed the tissue paper in it and added the candy. I wrapped the wine in the brown bag the other wine came in and wrapped it with a ribbon. The reason I put it in the bag is because some neighbors are posting on the group Facebook page and I didn't want it to look like the one we received. I have decided NOT to post our basket, but I think I will post a thank you for the one we received.

So after dark, I went out and dropped them off. I did purposely ring the doorbell to alert them, so that no teens would have the opportunity. I know for a fact both were taken inside rather quickly!

The family of my husband's coworker posted a picture of the basket we gifted on Facebook with a huge thank you for the treats. That alone made the effort and a little money spent well worth it. Who knows what the other family thought!

Here's the two baskets:

Ultimately, I know this activity was to promote community and bring smiles to faces. It wasn't intended to upset or cause anyone to spend a lot of money. I feel okay about passing on the wine and the bucket, as I knew we wouldn't use them. The vodka shot is up to my husband to use, and I stuck that spider web decoration up in the transom window on our front door. Maybe someone will notice on Halloween that I 'decorated'!

Except for the Halloween trick or treaters that is the extent of our celebrations! Although, I'm tempted to make a costume for that night consisting of a sign I wear that says 'mosquito bait'. The mosquitos were so bad last year we came in early by nearly an hour from handing out candy. And from what we can tell they are bad again this year!! Help!!

7 Responses to “We Were Boozed: Update”

  1. Wink Says:

    Mosquito bait!! OMG that cracked me up! Sorry you are dealing with that problem though. I think the whole exchange is a nice (inexpensive) way to promote good relationships with neighbors.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Wink! Glad I could give you a laugh...thus you have proved my idea is worthy!!

  3. Smallsteps Says:

    Glad you found a way to re-gift what you could or would not use.
    I, myself find these things more of a chore then anything but I know opting out can make you seem less neighborly.
    We do not drink, so for us would be a waste of time. I know many of my neighbors have dietary restrictions so it is very hard to remember who can't have this or that.

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    LOL I missed the last post. How funny; I bet about 80% of the people participating are secretly rolling their eyes but do want to contribute to community spirit like you. I think you came up with a great solution.

    Too bad about the mosquitoes! My husband could be twinsies with you for that costume; mosquitoes must find his blood a delicacy because they all go for him. Luckily in MN the skeeters are long gone for the year.

  5. disneysteve Says:

    Good job participating and keeping it frugal. Certainly you want to be involved in the neighborhood stuff like that.

  6. GoodLiving Says:

    We were booed last year, it was nice because we were new to the neighborhood. It didn't included any liquor which is good because we're not really drinkers. We didn't really want the halloween decor nor were we doing candy so we mostly passed it on to another new family and made up another from things from the dollar store. It certainly was the thought that counted.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun and a good way to be nice to each other!

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