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We Were Boozed!

October 24th, 2019 at 12:17 pm

We are living on base and our circle of probably 50 homes is playing that game where you drop off a basket of alcohol (thus the term boozed) for Halloween. We were boozed last night. I'm not sure I'm really a fan. This sort of reminds me of the pressure to do work gift exchanges. The Facebook post said there would be instructions to opt out if you were boozed, but don't want to participate. That was not the case. Only instructions on how to pass it along, which I guess technically could mean I could pass the basket we received to the next person.

Our basket was a purple Halloween themed plastic bucket, probably from Dollar Tree, with sweet Rose wine and a mini shot bottle of vodka, along with about ten pieces of candy. Oh there was some crinkle paper in there for stuffing and a huge (also plastic) spider web decoration (also probably from Dollar Tree). I don't decorate for Halloween, so the bucket and the decoration are basically not something I want to keep. We also don't drink sweet wine OR vodka!

Part of me wants to just play along and spend the $10 to buy some alcohol. Another part of me wants to figure out how play along on the cheap. I wish I could pass on the basket and decoration without feeling guilty. I know for sure our gift came from our direct next door neighbors. I saw her walk up to the porch last night. I feel like I could find something to wrap around the bucket to make it look a little different, but probably not on the decoration. I could also just buy beer and put as many as could fit. No one said it has to be wine! I could also put an orange ribbon on six pack of bottle beer and call it good. along with me. What would YOU do? Would you participate? Would you go out all out? How would you make it frugal?

(Oh, and I'm think we might just pass the sweet Rose wine to a coworker of my husband's at Christmas, assuming she drinks alcohol)

18 Responses to “We Were Boozed!”

  1. Smallsteps Says:

    That is an odd thing IMO. Are there no children in that area? Leaving on porch what if it was not seen or I could see teens waiting for this event for a chance to grab something.
    I would just re-gift item if nothing is something you would use.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Yep, children everywhere, mostly on the young side. And started by a couple that has a teen son. Yep, I had that thought too about teens.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I would probably participate (though grudgingly) for the sake of goodwill in the neighborhood. The beer and orange ribbon sound fine to me. Then donate or regift the items you don't want.

    I do think Smallsteps makes a good point about the temptation to teens!

  4. Butterscotch Says:

    This all sounds strange to me. I don’t drink so I would just pass the basket onto someone else. A neighborhood BYOB bonfire would be a better way to celebrate the season if the adults wanted to get together. Just dropping alcohol off around the neighborhood seems presumptuous.

    Also, do you not like Dollar Tree?

  5. Treeluva Says:

    We do the "You've been booed!" thing in our neighborhood - but it isn't alcohol related (although sometimes I wish it were, lol)

    While it may be irritating because it wasn't a planned expense, it is a fun thing to do with the neighbors. At Christmas time, our neighborhood does a progressive party - we all start at one house and have appetizers/cocktails, then move to the next house for soups/salads, then to the next one for entree, then onto desert and then to the gift exchange house (where we do steal a gift - and the rules are it has to be something you already own to exchange)

  6. crazyliblady Says:

    You could hang on to the basket until Christmas and then give out a bottle of alcohol here and there to friends and family. I would save the candy for Halloween if you hand out candy then. But for next year, can you suggest some alternative, like a neighborhood party or potluck? That sounds more fun that getting a basket of booze that I might not drink.

  7. crazyliblady Says:

    @treeluva. I like the idea of a gift exchange where you give things you already own. It's like a good excuse to get rid of stuff you now longer want.

  8. creditcardfree Says:

    @CB, yes, I think to participate does promote goodwill and fun, even if not my preferred type of fun.

    @Butterscotch, I find it kind of weird too, although it's all over Pinterest and I've seen and participated in the kids Boo'd version years ago. I'm not against Dollar Tree at all. I shop there for cards and mailing supplies. I was just describing the items which I guess wasn't necessarily pertinent to mention. I definitely think these kinds of things could get pricey if people bought all new and more expensive items.

    @Treeluva, I do think it's the unplanned part that is irritating. The couple that started it did put it on a FB page a week ago, but I had no idea if anyone really drop anything off for us. And it's not like they took a poll to see who would be interested. At most it's probably a $15 investment and you do get something from someone else that is likely similarly equal in value. I have an old friend that does that in her neighborhood, unfortunately, my husband isn't social enough to want to participate in that.

    @crazyliblady, the basket is purple and has black bats and the words Happy Halloween on it!! I think maybe I'll keep it for next year in case this goes around again! Yes, I too, would rather do a potluck, which has been done a few times in the past year.

  9. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    So um I'd participate. I am weirded out that being said. We participate in the "booing" of the house but I've never heard of boozed. I wonder about it being stolen by teens which I don't have but could picture.

    That being said I'd buy a 6 pack of some local craft beer and call it a day? I think that might be fun. Maybe a 6 pack of hallooween cider or beer. We have some in our fridge. So it would be "themed" and you'd seem cooler. I don't like the idea of leaving booze out. Candy I an get behind though I am not really into it.

  10. disneysteve Says:

    I'm confused. You got the basket. What are you supposed to do next? Are you supposed to add to the basket and pass it along? Or are you supposed to keep what you were given and add new items to pass along? And when does the passing stop?

  11. creditcardfree Says:

    @LAL, yes, I think I'm just going to get something at least orange or purple...semi themed in color. What is a bit odd about the whole thing is you never know exactly who gave to's anonymous! I only happened to see my neighbor walk by and then come back to porch.

    @DisneySteve, you keep what you were given and then go 'booze' another neighbor with 'spirited' gift.

    I think I'm going to ring the doorbell when I drop mine off to hopefully avoid leaving alcohol out for the taking by teens. Clearly this whole thing was started by people who like alcohol as gifts. We do drink, but would prefer to buy our own. Technically it stops on the day before Halloween, so whoever started it obviously doesn't get a gift and whoever gets it last doesn't have to return the favor. Yes, it's all kind of silly really, but I get how some people find it fun in our consumer world!

  12. disneysteve Says:

    So you're supposed to keep stuff that you may or may not like or want and them buy stuff for the next person that they may or may not like or want.

    Do they tell you who to give your basket to?

    I'm with you. We drink and have a well-stocked bar, but we don't want just anything. We have somewhat expensive taste and I doubt anyone is tossing a bottle of single barrel cask strength bourbon in the basket. Somebody mentioned buying craft beer. That would be a waste for us as neither of us drink beer. I'd pass that along to the next person if that's what we got.

    Given the chance, I'd opt out of something like this. Too late for that though. If I was stuck in the chain, I'd do it. I just wouldn't like it and I'd probably just regift whatever we had been given.

  13. creditcardfree Says:

    Yep, you get what you get. And you give what you want. And no one knows who gave what. The basket comes with
    Text is this flyer and Link is
    this flyer that you put on your door after you have received something...specifically it states to give out TWO baskets. The neighbor that started it wants people to post their basket when they get it on neighborhood Facebook page. Only a few have done that, but I can tell from the Boozed sign on the doors that more people have received gifts. This posting of the basket is what is keeping me from passing on what was specifically given to us...that person would know if I re gifted their basket.

    I agree there really is a lot wrong with this. I'm just trying to be a good sport and neighbor. Since we leave on base some of these neighbors do work with my husband. I checked today and one of their houses has not been Boozed, so I will drop our basket with them. There's no guarantee that everyone that is even aware this is going on will even get a basket.

  14. Jenn Says:

    I'd never heard of being boozed until this post. We have booing in our neighborhood and have enjoyed participating. I'm not a big drinker, and it's typically red wine when I do, but I totally would participate and enjoy the neighborly goodwill. I'd just consider it money spent for entertainment. Maybe Google drinks with vodka - White Russian?

  15. disneysteve Says:

    Well it certainly seems well organized.

    I would pick up a bottle of wine. That's cheap, under $10 easily. Most liquor stores also sell individual bottles of various beers so you could put in a few different bottles. And you could add in something non-alcoholic and/or snacks like nuts or something. $20 would probably be plenty.

  16. Lucky Robin Says:

    I think it is very presumptuous of those people to assume everyone wants to participate and that you have to opt out if you don't want to. They should have had an opt in if you want to, not an opt out. I think you could just be honest with the neighbor who left it and say, "Hey, I saw you left this basket on my porch and I wasn't planning to participate. Would you like to go leave it on someone else's porch instead or do you mind if I just passed it along? I wouldn't want it to go to waste after you put such a cute basket together." If it was me I would have added that I don't drink.

    Also, if you did, what if you end up dumping a basket on someone's porch who is an alcoholic struggling to stay sober? Or a kid steals it? No, this was poorly thought out by the people who started this. I wouldn't participate if it were me.

  17. Jackie N Says:

    I would probably participate even though it wouldn’t be my “thing”. Someone at least made a community building effort, it can evolve into something else but it’s still a nice gesture.
    I would probably scour the house for a basket or pick up something at the store and look for something on sale or pick up a couple more travel size bottles of vodka and gin and throw in some tonic. If the alcohol thing offends you then pick up some ginger ale and cherries and add a Shirley Temple recipe Smile

  18. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That's .. different. I'd never heard of either being Boo'd or Booz'd. I probably wouldn't participate in either. I'm not much of a Halloween person.

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