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February Credit Card Rewards

February 28th, 2019 at 10:30 am

We primarily used our American Express and Discover credit cards in the month of February, and I think January as well. Just today I redeemed the most current rewards earned.

$66.71 American Express
$38.94 Discover
$105.65 Total Cash Back Rewards

The above cash back is being saved towards our Big Goal.

We use our Southwest Airlines Visa card to pay rent and a few other much smaller bills. We are earning a couple thousand points each month now. Specifically for February we earned 3,372 points. My account has over 35K points! We will definitely use most of those sometime this year.

We do not pay interest on our credit cards. We pay our balances in full each month. Credit card rewards do not pay off if you run a balance and are charged interest on your debt.

5 Responses to “February Credit Card Rewards”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, that is a good way to make those cards work for you. You are right...rewards don't count if you wind up paying interest. I have a friend who has multiple cards and loves all the rewards he gets, but he doesn't pay them off and can't see how that is hurting him in the long run.

  2. disneysteve Says:

    It's great that you are able to pay rent with a credit card. Too bad we couldn't pay our mortgage that way.

    We use Discover and Chase Freedom for the 5% bonus categories and our Marriott Rewards for everything else. We've got about 400,000 Marriott points right now (earned through both the credit card and hotel stays). We don't have a plan for them but we do need to start using some. We earn 3,000-4,000 points each month from the credit card alone.

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    I've been pretty good using Discover for supermarkets, as that's the 5% category this quarter. I usually forget which is which. But anyway, you've done quite well with the rewards...keep up the good work!

  4. disneysteve Says:

    PatientSaver, every quarter I tape a little note to our Discover and Chase cards with the bonus categories. That way we remember which is which.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Disney Steve, I do similar if we are using multiple cards for various cash back offers. Specifically a little sticky label on the card with the category to use it for. Right now my husband and I know to use Discover at any grocery store. Everything else goes on the American Express. Next quarter, Discover has 5% cash back on gas.

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