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Medical Bills

January 12th, 2019 at 04:07 pm

We are pretty healthy people, no chronic illnesses. However, both my girls have been to the doctor a couple times in 2018. They are still on our military insurance, but because they live away from home most of the year they are on Tricare Select. The deductible for each of them is $150. Very reasonable.

My oldest daughter maxed hers out in August and then had a procedure where the cost without insurance was billed at $332. She got the bill at her dorm and apparently didn't have the correct information to file a claim. I called Monday and gave them the correct information, although they seemed confused. They submitted it and was covered in full. The provider gets $83.

My youngest twisted her ankle pretty bad in October, her student health center did submit through insurance, but she nor I were ever notified by our insurance. So looking at her tuition bill I see two charges from the health center for $80.04. It took some sleuthing, basically logging into the insurance company site to see the claim. That yes, $135+ was submitted and reduced to $80.04...and we do owe that as we had not met our deductible for her.

It's harder to navigate insurance when your adult children's claims do not go to your address! Youngest said she never received anything at her dorm, which is where they sent it. At least it is all taken care of this round.

It did remind me that a sinking fund for the deductibles wouldn't be a bad idea. Although I can probably manage any charges through basic cash flow.

3 Responses to “Medical Bills”

  1. Anna Says:

    How much longer can they stay on your military insurance?

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Anna, they can stay on until age 23, if enrolled in college. After that there are other options for insurance with a premium. We'll have to figure those out next year for our oldest.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Glad you got all that figured out. When my mom died, we got a hospital bill and previously Medicare and her supplemental insurance had paid everything. I called the insurance company to talk to someone and I had to send a copy of her will. I did. I mailed a copy and they claimed they never received it. So, I faxed it with a receipt stating it had been received. I called again and they again claimed they didn't get it and I said, well, I faxed it and have a receipt saying it was received so go look for it. Funny how they suddenly found it in her files and told me it was a simple billing error on the hospital's part and told me what to tell the hospital. I called the hospital, gave them the information, and within a minute, it was taken care of. What a blessing that was!

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