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10% Off Target Gift Cards

December 2nd, 2018 at 08:32 pm

Today only. Sunday, December 3, you can buy Target gift cards for 10% off. You can purchase up to $300 worth for $270.

I bought a $40 one for my daughter who requested Target gift card for Christmas. I also went ahead and picked up another one for $100 for our regular shopping. We don't shop there as much as we once did, so I didn't want to tie up too many funds not knowing if we would use them.

I purchased several other gifts online. My shopping is wrapping up pretty fast! Still thinking about an extra item to include with my nieces pajama pants I'm sewing. I probably don't need anything since I am also sewing matching doll pajama pants. I will need more stocking stuffers for our girls. I also want to figure out what to get my parents. I don't have time or energy for a calendar or other photo gift. I'm tempted to just send a check, since their anniversary is just two days after Christmas. What do you get your older parents, or what would you like if you already had everything? Last year I bought them socks and some edible items.

4 Responses to “10% Off Target Gift Cards”

  1. DW Says:

    Thank you CCF for posting! I picked up $150 for next year’s staple items.

  2. Carol Says:

    Are their towels or sheets tired?? I especially like a nice, new bath towel. How about a big, gorgeous poinsettia?

  3. cards activation guide Says:

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  4. livingalmostlarge Says:

    I scooped $600 for DH and I with 10% off. Teacher gifts $25 each now and end of the year. Planning ahead saves me a few bucks right?

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