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Getting New Tires

May 25th, 2018 at 12:08 am

I'm getting new tires on my van tomorrow. This will be the third time we have replaced the tires on our 2007 Honda Odyssey, which has 135K miles.

Cost of four tires and an alignment after the military discount should be around $750. Maybe less. I think our original quote has a warranty of some sort on them with the tire store. Since we will be moving and this store doesn't exist there, what's the point?

Not sure we exactly got our money's worth on this last set. I thought they were rated for 90K miles. Do tires actually ever make it to their mileage rating? This is the only time I noticed that they didn't even come close.

The good news is I have this amount in our car maintenance sinking fund. No debt! Not that we have been in debt for quite some time, but we are still rocking being debt free!

Oh, and to be more specific we are adding $225 each month to our sinking fund for car maintenance and repairs. This was the average of what we have spent on two vehicles in the last two years. As they get older they do have a little more repairs needed. We are determined to hold these vehicles until our daughters graduate college. Just four more years to go!!

5 Responses to “Getting New Tires”

  1. Amber Says:

    For me my tires seem to last and I drive about 60 miles a day. I also have a car repair fund and it has definitely come in handy

  2. Jenn Says:

    What a coincidence! I just replaced tires on my Odyssey too. I had it done at Sam's and it includes free rotations. In fact, I should probably schedule a trigger for that so I don't forget.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    I thought our tires seemed to last, all I can think is that the roads here are rougher (not smooth concrete) some sort of aggregate concrete mix that is just tearing them up. Or it's possible they aren't rated for the mileage it says on our invoice. Just thankful to have the funds.

    Good idea, Jenn to put a reminder on your schedule to get them rotated! We usually rotate once a year, every other time we are in for an oil change, or that's what it feels like the maintenance reminder tells us to do. Cost $20.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Well, new tires were in my plans, and I got them attached to a new (to me) car! A little drastic! Smile

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I've never really kept track ..just replaced as needed.

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