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A Gift and an Injury

April 21st, 2018 at 01:44 pm

My parents send my husband and I a $100 check every year for our anniversary. This year was no different. We usually save the money, rarely making a purchase. So yes, we deposited that money into our savings account to count towards our Big Goal.

As far as other snowflakes, I redeemed Amex rewards equal to $25 this week. I also transferred $3.49 from a small eBay sale to our savings account. I have two items I need to list to hopefully bring in a few more dollars.

I got a call from my oldest daughter yesterday with concern she may have fractured a bone in her foot. It was a goofy thing where her foot got trapped between her chair and her desk, so a bit crushed on the side of her left foot. She iced it and went to bed. Woke up and found it very painful to even walk. Somehow she managed to hobble around campus, and late in the day went in for an xRay. Luckily no break or fracture, just a bone contusion. So she has instructions to rest, ice, and elevate. My mom gave her some Ace bandages to use for compression. And the doctor said she could take up to three ibuprofen for pain. My daughter was shocked at the dosage suggested. She is one to stay away from all drugs as much as possible.

About two weeks ago, we realized our daughter was dropped from our insurance because she turned 21. Luckily we got right on it and updated her information to show she is enrolled full time in college. But then yesterday, I questioned my husband that it really did take effect. Initially, it seemed that no it had not. He did some sort of online enrollment and then did get a letter emailed to him before she arrived at the clinic. The visit is free at the University Health clinic (up to five per year), but the xRays will need to go through insurance. She has a $150 deductible so that will need to be met before insurance pays. It is worth it for piece of mind, knowing she didn't break it...just felt like it!

It's a beautiful day here, were going out for a hike! Enjoy your weekend. Stay frugal and healthy.

3 Responses to “A Gift and an Injury”

  1. Kaycee Fisher Says:

    I rarely take medication myself and yet when I take ibuprofen for a headache, I always take the recommended dose of two pills.

    I don't think 3 for a bone contusion is anything too shocking, especially for an OTC medication.

    You want shock, I was told by an ER doctor 15+ years ago that it was okay to take 4-6 ibuprofen pills for nothing at all painful, it was more of a function issue. As in the body part affected was not working properly. THAT was a shocking dosage to me.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I used to take 4 Ibuprofen for migraines. And could take that three times a day. But far better than some of the other meds out there.

    Now, when I hurt or if I start to get a headache, I take one to start and if I need another after an hour or so, I take it. But I try to steer clear if I can. I think the key was "up to 3" for your daughter. Glad she doesn't like heavy medicines. Glad she didn't break her foot. Glad you also got the health insurance taken care of.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad it wasn't broken.

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