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Snowflakes In February

February 14th, 2018 at 06:18 am

I found some cash yesterday! I made sure to get all of it deposited into our savings accounts to go to the Big Goal. If you are new here, I call found money snowflakes. It's a term that comes from adding small amounts of money to your debt snowball to pay the debt off quickly. I also use the term when adding small amounts to my big savings goals.

Here's what I found:
$1.33 Discover Rewards
$4.59 Ebay Proceeds
$19.10 Chase Freedom Rewards
$3.11 USAA ATM rebate and interest
$28.13 TOTAL

I also have some rewards with US Bank, but I'm checking with them about the amount. I think I'm owed more after purchasing a computer from Dell and having 5% cash back on electronics chose for this quarter.

Not big money, but I'm telling it where to go so it will make a difference in our goals. I share so that if you have any snowflakes you might be inspired to put that money towards your financial goal, whether that is paying off debt or saving. The small amounts add up.

Where do you find your snowflakes?

4 Responses to “Snowflakes In February”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    we did find a $3 rebate in our mailbox today. Teeny tiny snowflakes.

  2. Gailete Says:

    So far this year, I got snowflake money from eBates. I will never get the $2000 or whatever they walk about on the commercials, but little bits at a time is fine with me. I discovered that Bing has a reward system set up and one of the many items you can get with them is $5 to PayPal. When I first checked into it, I already had enough for $5, got it and signed up for an Acorns account to save it in. I should be at my next $5 by the end of this coming week. When I was at the Acorns site earlier this weekend, I found that the initial $5 was already worth $5.22 as it is invested - you pick which type of investment you want. I'm also looking for more snowflakes that I can get and deposit there so I can see the grand total at the end of each year. I knew if I dumped it into a regular saving account or our investment accounts/retirement accounts. It would get eaten up and more or less disappear from view. I need to see the money to keep my snowflake spirit up.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Gailette, I've only earned $115 in total from eBates and I've had it for years. Not a big shopper! I also had a Bing account, may need to check and see if it's still active and if I have any points to redeem. I'll need to look into Acorns. You have a great plan. I agree that if we don't track our little bits of income they seem to melt right into our other spending.

  4. Gailete Says:

    I was surprised at the amount I already had at Bing! I got off to a good start towards the second $5. I like the idea of having a little account that is just mine Smile I hate shopping as well, plus don't really have money to shop except for the necessary stuff.

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