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Since My Last Post

October 23rd, 2017 at 12:26 pm

Since my last post, I donated $100 to the daughter of an Army family we are friends with. She is raising money for a diabetic alert dog. She was super excited to receive the donation. I hope she can get the funding soon, as I know it will provide peace of mind to her and her mom.

I sold a Wii workout game online and made a couple dollars. After that transaction, I sent the profits from recent sales to our Big Goal. It's just $15, but it counts.

We spent Saturday at an RV show. Paid $30 to get in the door and $5 for parking. We also needed a snack before we left for lunch, easily over $10 at those concession prices. This activity was a picked as a birthday outing for my husband, so the money was budgeted. My husband is very interested in traveling in an RV after we retire. My biggest concern isn't the money, but the size of these things. They are huge, not that we would get the largest ones. Most likely the travel trailer versions. But I dislike interstate driving in my van, why would I want to drive something so large?! Truth is I probably would not be driving it at all. Only in an emergency situation. But all three of us really enjoyed checking out all the options and features of the RVs. Oh, and we drove 1.5 hours each way to check it out, so it was an adventure!

I recently had my wedding ring repaired. The main reason for the repair was it was cut off last time I was pregnant and ballooned up overnight and it was painful on my finger. The ring needed a new claw to hold the diamond. And I had to add gold to upsize it. In the end my repair cost me $172. If you are paying attention at all, yes, my youngest child is this is long overdue! I'm so happy to have it done though. It feels like a brand new ring.

Our entertainment budget has ballooned in the last couple weeks, as we have been attending away football games and competitions. I think we have just two more games and two more competitions. Admission and usually money for our daughter to get a snack add up! My husband and I are doing better about eating something before and holding our expense to a water if needed.

We are probably saving big on electricity this month. The weather has cooled considerably. Enough that we needed to switch to heat for a couple mornings. That switch to heat made us aware that our lower unit is not working at all. In fact, even with the thermostat on the wall off, the outside unit fan was still running! I turned it off at the main panel as soon as I noticed. Our landlord is aware and this is after a recent visit by professionals who have said the compressor is out entirely. So I think we are now waiting for a compressor to be ordered and then schedule. In the meantime, weather is mild and our electric usage should drop. At least I hope so!!

We've started digging into our stash of hurricane supplies. The season officially ends December 1, but I feel pretty confident our area is not going to be impacted this year. So this will help the budget a bit in the coming weeks as I make a point to use it up.

And finally, I purchased a new cell phone. Originally was leaning towards an iPhone, but decided the one I was interested based on price, the SE, was simply too small for my over 40 year eye sight! I ended up with a Motorola Z Play Droid from Verizon. Price was $335 or $14 a month. I will get a 5% discount each month on that portion ($0.70) by using my US Bank card. I made my last phone last 3.5 years, so If I can do the same with this one it will be well worth the money.

Busy month, plenty of spending, but it's all good.

9 Responses to “Since My Last Post”

  1. AnotherReader Says:

    Did you shop that phone? I paid $240 for it in February at $9.99 for 24 months. I see Best Buy has it at the same price today.

    Battery life is not great even after a few months. The screen is less fragile than others. Overall, I would give it a B-.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    AR, Well It thought I shopped around did! I really thought there was no lower price on the day I bought it. There are different versions of the Moto Z, so that could be it. Prices do change. It was a super hard decision making process. I can't look back now. I'm fine with it and tend to have lower standards than the average user.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Good for you on your ring! I imagine after not wearing it for so long, it is like a new piece of jewelry and although it cost a bit to fix it, you should be able to enjoy it. I take my rings (engagement, wedding) off when I get home so I don't knock them about.

    As far as the RV. You might consider looking into renting one for a weekend or so. There is a place in our small little town that rents them and will even drive them to your camping site so you can decide if you really like it. I realize this is a retirement goal, but it might help you decide if you really want to go this route.

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Good for the ring. I don't wear mine either. And mine hasn't fit since kid #1 whose turning 8. RV sounds fun.

  5. snafu Says:

    I too am suggesting that you go to a RV dealership and actually take it out for a brief drive. Suggest initial experience as a C' model and work up to a Class A unit. You will be surprised by how easy it is to drive, even though it's the size of a bus! A lot of thought goes into the type of unit to buy. An incredible amount of pros and cons went into our RV decision choices; we turned into huge fans of the entire experience over 3 rigs and 3 decades.

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    I actually did wear my ring all this time. The problem was I would get it caught on things and it would pull away and pinch my finger! Ouch. I could have really hurt myself. Despite that it does still feel like a new ring.

    Yes, I'm very aware of the need to drive the RVs. And rent first. Possibly buy use. This is just part of the process of making decisions over the next five years or six years.

  7. AnotherReader Says:

    I went with Best Buy because their price was lower than Verizon's when I needed to buy quickly because my old phone failed. Verizon occasionally drops the price on the Play Z, but Best Buy has it on sale regularly. Shopping these things is frustrating because when you need a cell phone, you usually need it immediately.

    Preshopping when you know a purchase is likely soon does help. I eliminated the fancy Samsungs and Apples quickly around Christmas, and I did not like the cheap phones at the Verizon store. When the time to buy arrived, my choices were already narrowed down.

  8. Amber Says:

    I think it's awesome that you made the donation to your friend's daughter, hope she's able to get her service dog soon.
    As far as the RV, I don't know much about them but absolutely love them, I watch a program called Luxury RVs love it.
    Not sure if anyone here is aware, but there's local groups called OfferUp on Facebook, you can pretty much buy anything you want at half price, I know someone who got her iPhone through the group.

  9. annmarie Says:

    I have the same phone. It is on the low end of quality. I was lucky it lasted until it was paid for.

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