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100 Days Until Christmas!

September 16th, 2017 at 10:50 am

Christmas is just 100 days away!

We have saved some money already. We spend just about $600 a year, and simply save $50 a month. It's nice to know the money is there. I don't include money for gift wrap, baking, or the occasional new decoration. The amount we spend on that is very minimal.

I wanted to bring this up now for anyone that often finds themselves scrambling at the last minute to find cash or pulling out the credit card. Remember now, how disappointing it is to get that big credit card bill in January.

My suggestion is to make a list now of who you buy for and what you can afford to spend. Add that up and then divide by the number of pay periods you have left until Christmas. Save that amount going forward. Now if that seems like too much to save, then you need to go back and adjust the amount you are spending on each person or eliminate some gifts. Look for deals while shopping to make every dollar count. The sooner you start shopping the more time you have to find the right item at the right price.

I'm going to do a little better this year buying my baking items on sale. Last year I divided the items up and bought them during two different regular grocery trips. This year I'm going to watch the sales, probably in the weeks before Thanksgiving.

How are you planning for Christmas (or other holidays) to make it fit within your budget? Do you have a budget?

4 Responses to “100 Days Until Christmas! ”

  1. snafu Says:

    Slightly off topic.. I am surprised at the level of marketing and retail display for Halloween that took over immediately after Labour Day. It seems targeted to young graduates in their 1st homes with animatronics and robotic outdoor decor that challenges the professionally designed and executed by professionals for Christmas. The costumes and party/event gear is not the cheap throw away stuff. [Our city and surrounding area is popular with film crews seeking to depict ghastly weather so there are a lot of clever, creative, experienced decor support crews here]

    I wonder how many folks have planned and saved several thousand expense for Halloween.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Snafu, you are so right about the expenses of Halloween. I read an article awhile back talking about how much Americans spend for Halloween. We usually buy candy to give out and I try to get it one sale and use coupons to save some money. We have some decorations we put out that we've had for years for both inside and outside, but other than the candy, we aren't spending anything.

    Creditcardfree, we also save money each month in our Christmas Club account so we don't have an outstanding bills. I've been making things for Christmas gifts all year. I have a set of pillowcases that were new in the package I bought at our church rummage sale that I did the embroidery on and have set aside for a friend who will like them. I have crocheted some potholders and dish cloths for some other folks. I have also been making jam and jelly to give away and I have a couple of friends who will get the gift of home canned tomatoes, tomato juice, and green beans. I bake for our church's Christmas bazaar and I look for sugar and flour that go on sale. One store had a sale with a coupon on sugar so I bought the limit of 2 for the sugar. Usually around Thanksgiving they have other stuff on sale so I intend to buy whatever else I need. I also do some baked goods and fudge to give away as gifts. I have been purchasing these lovely little mini loaf pans that are holiday themed at thrift stores. I think they are around $4 to $5 new and I pick them up when they are $1 or less. Most still have the original price sticker on them. It's amusing when I give them to someone with a sweet bread in them. The folks just love the little loaf pans so I figure it is a nice treat.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Oh yes, Halloween is a big business these days. I've actually been able to skip giving out candy the last two years as we have been away from our home with high school band activities. This year I probably will have some candy to hand out. I'd rather decorate for fall specifically than Halloween, but often don't even do that. I just enjoy the mums at the stores. Smile
    I really do love homemade goodies, rob! We usually bake several things and freeze them. Eat a little at a time, but always have plenty to share at work and with friends.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Homemade is the best, CCF!

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