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Lowest Electricity Bill Yet!

May 14th, 2017 at 12:04 pm

I just received our electric bill in my email inbox. I love bills that are emailed. They don't add clutter to my life that way!

The bill is the lowest we have had the entire time we have lived in this home (22 months). For a 2400 sq ft home our bill came in at $122.88 The highest was this past December, at around $315. Last month it was $167.

Now it is hard to pinpoint the exact reason for the cost savings, but I have to give some credit to not using the dryer as much. It still gets use twice a week, rather than four times a week or more.

I'm going to give some major credit to the weather. It has been very mild for many of the days of the billing period, April 10 through May 10. Not too hot to run the air conditioner most of the time. And no need for heating either. Unfortunately, we are going to hit the 90s later in the week.

We were also gone for one week during the billing period and I did increase the temperature before air conditioning would come on. I couldn't turn off entirely because the cat was home, but no lights, or tv use during the week can make an impact.

After we returned, my husband and I both came down with colds. And we both skipped our regular workouts, and for my husband that meant he wasn't using our treadmill. Since that uses electricity I have to think it made an impact also. (We are selling our treadmill this week and expect to make about $200, so no longer will that be an added impact to the electric bill. )

And finally, just this past week I did change the gaskets on the fridge. I do wonder how much cold air was escaping and causing the fridge to run more often. That would have only been for a couple days on this billing cycle, but it had to have contributed a bit.

I'm having fun working on reducing our electricity, even though it can feel I don't have much control over it at times. Thank you mother nature!

4 Responses to “Lowest Electricity Bill Yet!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Have you ever had one of those energy audits done at your home? We did a few years ago. The utility company offered it for $50 and by the time the guy finished, I bet we received more than $50 in bulks, a new shower head and a couple of other things. He suggested we get more insulation and we eventually did. That was expensive, but it has really saved us quite a bit of money in the past couple of years. It hasn't totally paid for itself, but it is getting there.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, I think we did an energy audit in our first home. I know we did some caulking, bought low flow shower heads and maybe added some insulation. We eventually got new windows as well. Unfortunately, at this home we are not able to do quite because we are renting. I do think I will try a water heater cover this winter though since it is in the garage.

    The longer you live somewhere, the more those bigger investments pay off.

  3. snafu Says:

    Have you asked the owner whether they have ever had an e audit done? Would they be interested in having one done? Are you willing to donate the time for arrangements and actual audit?

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    snafu, nice idea to work with the owner, but they aren't the easiest to work with. It was a miracle to get them to agree so quickly to the fridge gaskets. Right now, I need them to fulfill their part of the contract and get a service to spray the yard for weeds and bugs.

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