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Daughter Arrived Safely

December 19th, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Our daughter finally made it home last night after having her Saturday evening flight cancelled entirely due to weather. Freezing rain in St Louis was the problem. She was rebooked on an early fight that landed her on a layover at Chicago Midway. The layover was originally suppose to be 4 hours, but turned into six! Shoutout to Laura (the deacon's wife), who messaged me and offered her phone numbers and pictures of her family, in case my daughter would need assistance if her flight was cancelled. SA really is becoming family for some of us!

Our daughter flew Southwest. I originally paid for her to have Early Bird Checkin, so she wouldn't need to worry about doing that and would have a good boarding position (Southwest doesn't assign seats). I have sent an email request a refund of my $30, as this did not benefit her after her flights were cancelled. I have not heard and may end up needing to call.

Our cat, Riley, is definitely doing better. She continues to eat, take her antibiotic, and rest. She still seems a bit low energy, but she is moving around more and played a little this morning when I dangled a toy near her this morning. Our older cat, named Liberty (age 12), is a huge fan of eating the wet food. This morning I gave her nearly half a little can and she gobbled it right up. I have left one bowl of dry food out for now as we transition to wet, so they don't go hungry, while I figure out how much to feed them. I do see the Fancy Feast website indicates 3 cans per day for a cat weighing 10-13 pounds. This is a little more than I was expecting. Liberty (age 12) weighs about 13 pounds. Both cats are obese unfortunately. Probably all the carbs in the dry food!

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  1. AnotherReader Says:

    A grain free dry food is also beneficial. Before Grains and Blue Wilderness Duck are two that have produced good results with my cats. Suggest you look at for low prices, free shipping over a minimum, and no sales tax in most states.

    I do not feed Fancy Feast. It is not a good value - no better quality than Friskies, just better marketing. Look at some of the higher quality canned foods at Chewy.

  2. MIchelle Says:

    CCF - so glad for your happy news about your daughter and your kitties. I'm sure it is nerve-wracking when our children fly alone. I really enjoy your posts every day. My twins are getting ready to go to college in the Fall. What is the most cost effective way that you pay tuition (we have a 529, like you) Do you charge it to a credit card to get points and then pay the bill to your checking account from your 529? or do you just pay the school directly? Thanks for any advice. Have a happy holiday time with your family.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    MIchelle, thank you! We don't charge tuition to our credit card. The university our daughter attends would charge us a 2.5% fee for that transaction and the points would not outweigh that cost. When I need the money I make a withdrawal from her savings account (we have an Educational Savings Account or ESA), which is deposited into our checking account. I then pay her bill online and the money is deducted from our checking account. I think the university would take a check from an ESA or 529, but I guess I like knowing that the transaction has been paid and not lost in the mail or something!

    Twins going must be twice the cost all at once! The cost of dorm stuff adds up fast, and if they will need a computer see if you can't get the student discount for a computer once they are accepted. It may not be available, but worth spreading the cost out if possible. Smile

  4. Michelle Says:

    Thank you, CCF. I just learned that their computers can be paid for from their 529 plans. Both are staying in-state and my daughter has received a merit scholarship. My son is going to community college for the first two years, so that helps too. I hope we can avoid student loans the whole 4 years for both.. we shall see.
    What are you doing with your family over the holidays?
    I hope your kitties are doing better! Smile

  5. scottish girl Says:

    I'm so glad your daughter made it home safe and sound!

  6. livingalmostlarge Says:

    Glad she made it back. At the end of our dog life I pretty much gave up and feed him wet dog food only and human scraps, plus he barely ate in general and ate everything the kids dropped. That's how he got fat when I first had kids. Around 9 months old DK1 dropped everything and he stopped eating dinner. Then I noticed huh floor is clean and he's fat. OH NO. Now I have to clean the floor after every meal. It's still a little weird. Although DH is saying stuff now like "we should keep that in case we get another dog." I'm not ready I am packing up the dog food and stuff to donate and tearing up as I write it.

  7. NJDebbie Says:

    Glad your daughter is home and that the cat is better. Kudos to Laura as well; it doesn't surprise me!

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad to hear your DD made it safely! Flying during the winter definitely can be complicated.

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