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Cancelled Another Credit Card

November 28th, 2016 at 05:48 am

I cancelled another credit card last night. It was my Citi Thank You Preferred card. I've had it for awhile, and noticed we had added new cards and were using those more. Why keep extra cards if they are never used, right?

I simply sent a message through our account requesting the cancellation. I had a super quick response and when I logged back on the account had been closed. Easy!

The next step is to record in my notes that I cancelled the card and cut the cards up. I kind of like the finality of cutting up a card. I also moved the card account on YNAB to the closed account list. Smile

We still have TEN credit cards open. Want to know what they are? Sure you do!

Target Red Card (5% off Target purchases)
US Bank Visa (5% off cell phone bill)
Chase Freedom (rotating 5% cash back categories)
Kohl's (various discounts)
Discover (rotating 5% cash back categories)
Southwest Visa (miles to fly on Southwest)
USAA (1% cash back)
American Express Blue Cash Everyday (various cash back, plus 3% grocery stores, 2% gas stations) (we have two of these)
Marriott Rewards Visa (hotel rewards)

I'm considering getting rid of Chase Freedom, although I've had it for a long time. I also probably don't need the USAA either, but currently we are using it for most of our expenses. I'm liking how quickly USAA is adding the cash back to our rewards account. And there is no minimum!

The cards that I'm finding most difficult to actually use are the Southwest and Marriott cards as their rewards are miles and hotel points. We pay annual fees for these cards! I'm NOT getting rid of Southwest though, because I do charge airline tickets at least four times a year. I am getting benefit from it. I haven't decided on the Marriott card yet. I think I need more time to decide and figure out how fast I could accumulate points if I used it more regularly.

How many cards do you have?

We have credit cards, but never pay any interest on our charges. All balances are paid in full by the due date, or before!

7 Responses to “Cancelled Another Credit Card”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Ummm... Too many? Smile

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Didn't you have -0- credit cards when you started SA? What did we do to you? Big Grin

  3. Debtsa Says:

    Wow! 10 CC's! I cant even get 3 lol. Its probably a good thing as I would max it all out in a day.

  4. Debt Review Says:

    Spending wisely is key when you have so many cc's. Banks just give and give while consumers become over-indebted to the bone. I got rid of all my cc's and today I am happy!

  5. Debt Review Says:

    Spending wisely is key when you have so many cc's. Banks just give and give while consumers become over-indebted to the bone. I got rid of all my cc's and today I am happy!

  6. Debt Counselling Says:

    The institutions giving so many credit cards should be ashamed of themselves. Our company is in and we see this situation daily. start to pay debt with debt and everything just spirals down. Rather try and stay away from credit cards.

  7. Bobbie Blue Says:

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