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$1000 Spent and More

April 6th, 2016 at 09:08 am

We finally made the airline purchases for our niece and my mother in law to visit over Memorial Day. That weekend seemed to work best for them and they will see our daughter's more, but the tickets were more expensive. Niece (20) is super excited because it is her first plane ride. She wants to have a window seat, which probably won't be an issue, since I bought Early Bird Checkin for them on Southwest. We spent in total $1004.92. The good news I had already set that money aside in our vacation fund.

I decided against participating in our neighborhood garage sale this Saturday morning. I don't have a lot of stuff. And the big stuff I want to let go of I want more than garage sale prices for. I will have to list them on some sale sites or Craigslist at some point.

Instead of the garage sale, our family is volunteering at the local food bank for four hours. She needs community service hours for the Engineering Program she is part of at her high school. This is our second time, and we actually enjoyed it last time, so it isn't a big deal to go again. We did reward ourselves with lunch out last time, have to decide if that is a habit or not!

I'm on Day 3 of my Diet Bet. I can already tell that my diet changes are making a difference. It really can be about mindset. Once I decided to actually take action and knew what my plan was I felt committed. And that is such a different place to be than where my mind just says 'yea, I know I should eat better' and so forth.

I do need another pair of workout pants! If I have lost some weight by Friday, then I'm rewarding myself with one pair, just so I don't have to do laundry so often!

And finally, it seems I'll be using more gas in my van for awhile. I volunteered to pick up my husband's coworker's son and take him to school in the morning. Unfortunately, we live on the opposite boundaries for the high school. I will take my daughter first, then head to pick him up. He could take the bus, but he's being bullied it seems, so he's avoiding the morning bus. And his Mom needs to get to work and his Dad is out of town for at least the next month. Oh, and he has been tardy over five times, because he missed the bus, which apparently could lead to expulsion. He is a very nice young man. It's just my way of helping our Army family out. I was offered gas money, but I declined. I told his mom I may need her to do something for me someday, so it will all work out!

5 Responses to “$1000 Spent and More”

  1. Michelle Says:

    CCF that's so nice of you to give the young man I ride. I'm sorry he is being bullied.
    Good luck with your diet bet. I need to get on a more healthy eating plan.
    When is your daughter out of school for the summer?

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Nice job on the volunteering and losing weight I haven't been as serious this week since my mom is coming then I'll sign up maybe for another kickstarter but likely a transformer.

  3. AnotherReader Says:

    Love the Army "family" philosophy. Wish that concept of community worked everywhere.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    So nice of you to help out another family! I wish everyone had that mindset!

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I agree with the others - I think that's so great you're willing and able to help out the young man and his family.

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