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February No Spend: Lower Time Warner Bill

February 10th, 2016 at 08:00 am

Our Time Warner bill came in my email inbox yesterday. It was higher than usual. It was $97.24 rather than the $90.80 that we have been paying for several months. I thought originally that there was a new $10 charge. But the math didn't make sense.

Turns out some of the fees connected to the TV portions of our bill had increased. There was information on our last bill about the increases. I didn't read the bill because the amount was the same...so thus a bit of a shock to see the increase this month.

I did an online chat with customer service and cancelled our Sports Pass. We added that in the fall to see our favorite football team, and maybe some glimpses of our daughter in marching band, but only saw three games broadcast on that station in the end. That was originally $8.99 a month and had increased to $10.

So instead of a $97.24 bill, I got a credit for cancelling the Sports Pass. Our new bill amount is $85.58. I can probably get this lower if we turn our HD Set top box in for a digital adapter instead. That should bring the bill down closer to $75 for basic TV and internet. We will need to go in to customer service to make that change.

Yesterday was a actual no spend day. No outflow of cash by any of us! Today my husband is going to attempt to get a haircut while on his lunch break. That is budgeted in our spending plan this month. It is required to upkeep his hair for his job. Of course, we could just shave it all off! But we won't. Smile

We all ended up eating waffles last night, so no leftovers for snacks. Usually my husband eats eggs when I make waffles, so now we have a few extra eggs for later in the month. Tonight we are having Bean Taco Dip for dinner. It's easy to have on busier evenings (flute lesson tonight). Tomorrow is the meatloaf! I think I'm having salad and a Boca burger for lunch today.

I also have plans to do some more cleaning today to keep myself busy. Bathrooms and vacuuming are my goals. I'm also going to watch one or two episodes of Mad Men on Netflix while I walk on the treadmill.

2 Responses to “February No Spend: Lower Time Warner Bill”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Sounds like a good day!

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    If you get your bill for Internet and cable down to $75 (including tax) you'll be paying less than I do for Internet alone (including tax/surcharges)!

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