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February No Spend: Wine

February 5th, 2016 at 07:21 am

Wine is NOT a necessity for me. However, it nearly is for my husband. He mentioned how stressed he was at work this week and wanted to pick some up last night. I didn't encourage or discourage him. In the end he skipped it. He had to be up early this morning for a run anyway. Turns out he didn't set his alarm correct and missed the run! And he didn't take his lunch to work (not sure if he will eat out or not).

I'm pretty sure he will be buying wine tonight though. I did leave money in the budget for it despite our low spend month. I think if I drink a little less we could get by with buying less, so I will let him know to buy accordingly.

And I think he will end up buying a snack or two for the weekend as well. He was looking for a snack last night and ended up making two egg burritos! I gave him several other suggestions, but he wasn't for those.

So all that to say, there will be some spending today. And I blame it all on my husband!! Smile I know I could get through the entire weekend without spending any money on food. There are plenty of things here to be eaten. Although, the cupboard and fridge do look sparse!

Four days in a row without spending. I'm pretty excited about that. Will you need to spend this weekend?

6 Responses to “February No Spend: Wine”

  1. turning a new leaf Says:

    We are in the same boat and totally understand that trying not to spend money on wine is super hard. Good Luck!

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Yes pretty much spend most days. I do a lot of grocery shopping every 2-3 days for fruit and veggies. I've found that the to me no spend is not buying stuff other than groceries. Groceries I also waste less buying fruits and veggies as we go so we eat everything and there is a fast turnover and rotation in the fridge. I started probably around a year ago and it's really helped with fruits and veggies. More inconvenient to shop but better budget wise because we really stick to eating what's on sale and what I buy. So a lot of turnover in pantry too we eat till bare more and work out meals that way. I found before I used to buy and not use as quickly. Now it's more efficient use of space and food. Maybe if I had more space but our fridge here is just as small as our old side by side which I hated because I lacked so much space.

  3. SecretarySaving Says:

    Great post regarding wine. For my bday/Christmas I bought a case of wine from a winery I went to in Italy. I treat myself to one bottle a month.

  4. Patience Says:

    Maybe you can stock up on cheaper or sale-purchased wine "for cooking purposes". You can keep it on hand to actually cook with (I cook with wine a lot), but then he can also access it when he feels like it now and then (all the while costing less than pricey impulse-shopped wine ;-) )....

  5. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Do you know of discount chains for alcohol? Here we have one called Dan Murphy's and pretty much all wine is $2-$4 cheaper. They are like the Aldi of alcohol - the staff don't put it into plastic bags, you have to pack it yourself if needed which is fine with me. Also I have been told Aldi wine is nice and very inexpensive, perhaps worth a try.

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    We buy pretty inexpensive wine to begin with and now that we are near a military installation we can get it even cheaper by about $3-4 a bottle. It still adds up though. And unfortunately, my husband isn't a fan of drinking something different each time based on sales! Apparently he is really sensitive to the different flavors. I kind of like it mixing it up though.

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