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December 11th, 2015 at 08:32 am

We received our 'refund of premium' from USAA. We get one every year. And each year it seems to go up! Last year it was $69. This year $81.12. This sort of makes up for the fact that our auto insurance rates went up when we moved.

I don't have specific plans for the money other than to save the money. I'll count it as a snowflake for the month. I'm guessing it might help cover the cost of college books in the spring. Or could offset the money spent for our adopted family. However, I think that actually ended up being covered by our Christmas budget!

Today, I'm spending money on postage to mail two gifts. I bought fuel for my van. Later I'm getting a haircut. We are also out of coffee, so need to pick that up! Dinner is planned for here at home tonight. We may have lunch out tomorrow as we will be viewing our daughter in the Christmas parade downtown.

I'd like to think it will be at least a low spend weekend, so we don't have much more to spend until payday! And as I write that I've been thinking about doing a no spend month, likely in February. It's the shortest month, even with it being a leap year! And I think it may be one where we don't have as much going on. Has anyone done a no spend month recently, ever or want to?

8 Responses to “$81.12”

  1. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    My fiance may be gone most of February for training, and he plans on not spending any money. I could definitely make that a no-spend month if he's away. I've never tried it, but I think it'd be very difficult.

  2. laura Says:

    I will join you! Despite my lack of motivation or enthusiasm for responsible financial management, I think February is the ideal time for a spending fast. I am thinking about earmarking 50% of the living expenses for January from the last of December's paycheck to move toward the YNAB Philosophy of living on this month's money next month.

    All sounds good! Smile

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    laura, I'm still not living on last month's income in YNAB yet. I'm not even focusing on that part. It is very helpful for budgeting and having a little more control on categories. At least for me.

    I'm glad I might have some company on the no spend month. Smile

  4. Buendia Says:

    Our USAA dividend was $48.58... I'm not sure what to do with it either...
    I've never done a no-spend month... I'd like to in January, but I'll have to figure out what we can't avoid first (tuition, how much food should be for produce/etc.)

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    I thought about January too Buendia, but decided that with our daughter in town at the beginning of the month that may be a little difficult.

  6. Ima saver Says:

    I would like to have a not spend month, but I have never tried it. What do you do about regular bills like electric, phone, water, etc?

  7. CB in the City Says:

    The regular bills don't count, Julie. You have to pay them! Just try to not spend beyond the necessities.

    I'm going to try to have a no-spend month in January. Good time to hunker down and do nothing!

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I think I could do February, or at least attempt it. Smile

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