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A Christmas Gift

November 19th, 2015 at 01:59 pm

My youngest daughter has wanted a Wii U for over a year now. There are some new games she wants to play. I've put it off since we already own a Wii. However, she asked for one AGAIN for Christmas. So this time, I'm giving in. She is willing to pay a portion, up to half actually. I'm doing my best to get the best deal...primarily by buying used.

I purchased an Wii U with several games for $300 the other day on eBay. My ballpark for just the Wii U was $200. I kept missing out on auctions and Buy It Now offers because other people were willing to pay more. This seller had six games (including one with lots of accessories) included. At least two of the games were ones my daughter wanted. And even used would have cost me $80. I plan to sell at least three of the games to help offset the cost. I think I can sell for $65.

Another way to get the cost of this new system down is to sell the old Wii. My older daughter needs to decide if she wants to have it for her dorm room. I think she is leaning towards no. It won't bring much money, but maybe $40. And then the girls need to determine if there are any other games we already own that they want to sell. The games will still work with the new system.

I also bought another game she was interested in for an amazing deal...Lego Dimensions. It costs $99.99 normally. Which is a CRAZY price for game!!!! I was able to get Target to price match it to Amazon for $84.99, then used a 35% Cartwheel offer for the game, and a 10% off gaming coupon, a $10 gift card and 5% off with my Red card to get the purchase price under $40. I grabbed the deal because I knew it was a super price. I'm not entirely sure that I will give it though. It may get returned if I decide it is too much (I normally only spend $150 on each child)! I may save it for her birthday in July. Or I could even sell it and make a little profit.

I'll have to let you know what the final cost of this gift ends up being after I do so selling in the next few weeks!

Does anyone else have a gamer in their family? Do you have ways to keep your costs down? Have you ever bought used for Christmas (I have!)?

5 Responses to “A Christmas Gift”

  1. wife of the deacon Says:

    Great price on the Lego Dimensions! We have "gamers" - their Xbox is in their room with video chairs and they have a nice set up. We have a wii in the family room. My kids also like returning to the PlayStation 2 from when they were really young.

  2. livingalmostlarge Says:

    I am a gamer and so is DH. But with small children we don't have the time we used to. Maybe one day our kids will play with us. Smile

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Nice stacking of those Target deals, ccf!

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    Buying used bundles and selling the games is probably the most efficient way to get games (we have often made money doing this!)

    I had no idea there was a $100 game. Yeesh!

    We used some "buy 2 get one free" deal at target last week, saving $50 on games. I don't know that we ever would have paid that much, but dh picked it up for his parents to give to the kids, and they were happy to save $50 on new games. We usually just stick to the used games/systems or get them free with credit card rewards.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    My brother is a gamer. He's had just about every game system out there starting with the first Nintendo. (he started off playing on an Atari at our Aunt's house (mom's sister)

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