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And the Water Bill...

August 21st, 2015 at 02:26 pm

And now our water bill is high! But we figured out that one. There is a sprinkler head that is broken, so for about 5 minutes a day it is like turning the hose on full blast! And our new shower has all these shower heads...which my husband likes to use. More water than needed for a shower! I think he's stopped that for now.

We turned off the sprinkler in that zone as we were told the owners didn't use it because the neighbors sprinklers actually get that area from runoff. It's unfortunate we didn't notice it sooner. It's hard to catch when it is running at 5am.

The high bill could also be an issue of estimating our first bill (just a week's worth). But I feel more confident this one will be easier to get a handle on.

Really bad timing to have all these high bills while adding on college expenses. So far it seems to be working out okay though.

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