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Paid More Debt

August 19th, 2015 at 02:41 am

We use our credit cards all the time and then pay balances off in full if on a interest bearing card. We have been rolling some over lately on a 0% card. I made some more payments and feeling much more current than I did last week.

Last week our balance was over $4K. Tonight after more payments were made we are down to $2,942.25. So progress! Found $14.11 in snowflakes to apply to debt in the process.

I have cash set aside to pay another $1,383 on the credit cards, but I'm waiting for a couple statements to close. There may be rewards I can apply, so I'm waiting for now. It does seem the revolving balance I don't seem to get paid off is about $1600! Ugh. Of course, I won't let them charge me a penny of interest. I will have to pay it in full by the end of October. Or the statement due date right after. I need to look back at my notes on that one.

In other news, I've lost about 6 pounds in the last two weeks. I'm watching my calories as best I can, cut back on diet soda (only one or none). I did a ton of campus walking this weekend in addition to all that walking while we were in Orlando earlier in the month. I still need to get into some sort of fitness routine. We are actually considering a treadmill...but I need this debt paid off first.

Do you own an exercise machine? Do you use it?

2 Responses to “Paid More Debt”

  1. Liz Says:

    Every time I have ever bought a machine (well, me and anyone I know actually haha), it becomes a clothes storage device, sadly. For me, I need the motivation of going to a gym (I even more specifically need the accountability of classes, I can't really keep it up on my own!)

    If you think you're the type who will use it, definitely check CraigsList....almost new machines can be had for very cheap. Mostly from people like me who want that corner of their homes back Smile

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I've owned two exercise machines - a Tony Little Gazelle - which I actually did use for a long time - then I sold it after it got too easy and ... bought an elliptical (from Overstock I think) - My dad helped me put it together. I actually used that too a fair amount the first few years. When I moved from NM though, I gave it to my principal ... in the 3 years I lived in NM I maybe used it 20 times.

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