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Yep, Today Was Spendy

July 13th, 2015 at 01:43 am

Today was spendy. Not unexpected as I alluded in my last post. We spent $55 at the PostExchange on needs for the house. Then at the Commissary we stocked up on groceries and other needs spending $225. It seemed we got a lot for that money, too!

There was a stop at Lowe's for a plunger, felt furniture pads and a trash can. Not sure the price, maybe $40 or less.

We also bought our modem for our cable internet at Best Buy. We decided to purchase rather than pay $8 a month. We picked a modem which was priced at $71.99 on the shelf, but after a 10% discount and taxes came to $125! We questioned it, and then showed the cashier where we found it. Apparently stocked on the shelf wrong, but we got the price that was listed! That was a savings of nearly $55. Worked well for us. If they had not offered the same price we would have picked a less expensive modem. Smile

Tomorrow might involve a meal out depending on if our kitchen items are unpacked! We have food, but might be hard to make it! Otherwise, I do hope it is a no spend day.

Oh, noticed one of my fairly new tires was low on air tonight. We refilled for now. Hoping if there is a leak it could be fixed. We don't need car issues at the same time we are moving!

Did you have a frugal weekend or were things a bit spendy for you as well?

1 Responses to “Yep, Today Was Spendy”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Good deal on the modem!

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