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Time To Set Up Utilities

July 7th, 2015 at 02:07 am

I'll be calling to set up our new utilities for our rental home this week. The water and electricity should be easy. But I'm getting hung up on picking internet providers. I can choose between CenturyLink and Time Warner Cable. The owners of the home have used Time Warner and did mention needing to call to get the lower rate occasionally. I dislike this tactic, but will do it if needed.

We had CenturyLink in the past and didn't ever really have an issue with service. Although my husband said it was slow...which it was but that was over three years ago and in a different location. It wouldn't work for how we use service now, but I think they have faster options available.

We might need cable too, for basic channels. I'm definitely leery of committing to a contract on tv. It is changing so fast. We had used an antenna in our last state to get over the air channels for free. I checked the ability to get over the air service at our new location and it is not good. We might be lucky to get PBS and ION stations. I'd really just like local stations, but I'd prefer all of them! So now we are looking at basic cable and possible packages that bundle them with internet.

Decisions. Decisions.

Anyone have either of the above companies for internet or cable? Thoughts. I know most cable companies can get crappy reviews and are always adding on more fees. I hate that!!

2 Responses to “Time To Set Up Utilities”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I had CenturyLink in NM for Internet and found the speed was pretty good and stable. I did have to call every 6 months to get the promotional rate. I have a router/modem you can have that I bought thinking I'd use CL here .... Smile

  2. scfr Says:

    If you only want local channels, ask the cable companies what there bare minimum service is, or if they have "limited" service. They often have a service that they don't advertise or won't tell you about unless you start digging. If you ask them what the minimum service is and they say "basic cable is $xx.xx" just tell them that is a bit high for your budget and ask if they have anything less expensive.

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