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Mortgage Escrow Refund

July 6th, 2015 at 04:13 pm

I logged on to our previous mortgage account to update our new address. We will be out of our apartment by this time next week. The family we are renting from is having their items packed today, so by Wednesday they will be out of the home. I decided that means we can go ahead and get mail forwarded without getting in their way. It seems to take a week anyway to even start getting mail once it is forwarded.

While I was looking at our mortgage account, I noticed that the escrow funds are being refunded. The amount is $2,032.95 plus $0.10 in interest. There should be $21.98 from our homeowner's insurance, but it doesn't seem that our mortgage lender has received that money yet. I will need to inquire with them. I'm looking forward to having our cash back! It's been building up and I knew with our move it wasn't going to be needed. But when you are required to make an escrow payment you do.

I let you know when the cash arrives and what we end up doing with it. I'm tempted to get some new furniture, but we'll know if that is our plan once we get our current belongings in our new home.

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