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Report: Cats Traveling Well

June 12th, 2015 at 05:34 pm

Wow! Our cats are actually doing REALLY well in the car on our trip east. They have been in the car about 6 hours all together. One we barely hear a peep from, the other who is super loud anytime she is in the car is so much quieter and even sleeping!

I'm guessing the anti anxiety medicine the vet prescribed is really working! It's a transdermal med (specifically called Amitriptyline) that I rub on the skin in their ear each day. They are on day five or six now. I think I paid $12 for each of them. So worth it!!

The vet also gave me Feliway wipe samples. I wipe those on their kennel each morning. So that could be making a difference too.

We left their kennels out for the last several weeks with the doors off and installed a piece of carpet in the bottom. They have spent time in them off and on. And over the two previous days they hung out in them in our bathroom while movers were packing and loading. I think they have come to see them as a safe place. Smile

So it's all good and peaceful on our trip and I couldn't ask for a better experience for them as far as the car ride goes.

As for the hotel, one cat just has to hide. Currently she is under a recliner chair in our hotel room. The other cat is sitting on the window ledge looking down from our eight floor hotel room. I feel bad the one seems so afraid, but she did eat some tuna I offered earlier so she is likely fine and will settle in once we are at our corporate apartment in a couple days.

I'm pretty sure I will be sending an email to our vet to let him know that his advice and care for our cats during our trip was spot on!

15 Responses to “Report: Cats Traveling Well”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I will have to look into those meds/wipes for Kari if I ever have to take her long distance again. I'm glad that you are having such a peaceful trip!

  2. snafu Says:

    Wishing you all an uneventful trip to new location.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Thank you ladies!

  4. PauletteG Says:

    Glad to know your cats are ace travellers. I'm making a note of the anti-anxiety medication if we board our cats again.

  5. laura/deacon's wife Says:

    Happy and safe travels, CCF!

  6. VS_ozgirl Says:

    That's so great that they're doing so well!! Hope your trip continues on a great way!

  7. My English Castle Says:

    That's a big relief!

  8. MonkeyMama Says:

    That is awesome news!!

  9. scfr Says:

    Continued safe and peaceful travel wishes to all of you!

  10. Buendia Says:

    So glad for a report - I've been thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way!

  11. Laura S. Says:

    Safe travels! Glad to hear all is going well.

  12. scottish girl Says:

    Glad the trip is going well Smile

  13. Ima saver Says:

    Have a wonderful trip!

  14. CB in the City Says:

    Happy cats! It doesn't get better than that! Smile

  15. natasha.cornelius Says:

    I just moved my dog and two cats from Minnesota to Montana and I also was impressed with how well they did. I also have one cat (my 18 year old little old lady!) who is normally VERY vocal in the car, but after about 30 minutes she realized she wasn't going to get out and calmed down and went to sleep. My vet prescribed sedative pills for me just in case I was going to have to use them and I thankfully didn't have to deal with that!
    We stopped after about 8 hours at a hotel and both cats did really well. My non-vocal chill cat was totally fine and my vocal-old lady was good after about 20 minutes of hiding. Then she ate and was normal again Smile The next morning when we left the hotel for the last 8 hour drive, little old lady was a little more vocal at first (probably off and on for an hour) because I think she was mad that the hotel wasn't our last stop LOL.
    Glad to hear your trip is also doing well!

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