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Ending the Year

December 31st, 2014 at 08:00 pm

2014 has been a great year. We were and are all well. We got to visit with family and friends numerous times. Financially, we continued to invest and pay down debt. Again, a very good year!

Today, the last day of the year, I managed to close my Discover Checking account. I got the bonus, I don't need it any more. I also emailed Chase to close my husband's Chase Freedom account. We haven't used that in months and don't expect to. Most importantly, I paid the bills!

I packed away some of the Christmas decorations. Before I put the items that were out back in the bins, I made sure to pull out the few things that did not get put out this year so that could be donated. I even went as far as pulling some glitter star ornaments that I was given several years back OFF the tree so I could donate them. Every year when they come out, I hesitate about putting them on, but then we do anyway. This time they are going BEFORE the next Christmas.

I made sure to get to Goodwill today to drop off my final bag of donations for the year. I got my receipt, although I likely won't qualify to take the deduction. That is okay. I'm more excited about less stuff!!

I also made the final grocery shopping trip for the year. I was able to go about three days longer than planned because of all the leftovers from Christmas. We had half a pumpkin pie that I finally had to toss today. It has been a week in the fridge, and I decided it was too late to freeze. And since we weren't interested in eating it it was time to go.

We will stay in to celebrate New Year's Eve and Day as a family. We will play board and card games tonight. Maybe a movie. We will eat lots of snack type foods, including fresh vegetables and fruits! Tomorrow I hope we can all do a little work to put away our Christmas trees. I also secretly hope to get my husband to go through some papers that I think can be recycled or shredded. He does know about them, so it won't be a big surprise.

After the New Year, I hope to write more about our finances in 2014 and our goals going forward. I just haven't had time to think about all of those yet!

Are there certain tasks that you do at the end or beginning of each year? How will you celebrate New Years?

Happy New Year Saving Advice!

10 Responses to “Ending the Year”

  1. Maranatha Says:

    I just stay home and enjoy a quiet night on New Years Eve. Happy New Year CCF!!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    Just a quiet night at home with Netflix. A friend from home invited me over, but I didn't really feel like going. I always do my year-end expense and income statements here, and that's about it!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Quiet evening for us.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. snafu Says:

    t I'm not feeling well and just learned a good friend passed away abruptly late yesterday. I'd planned to meet friends for lunch out and shopping but we've cancelled since hearing the news.

    Neighbours will drop by for toasts and snacks. I'd pulled all the 'PAID' bills and misc. papers to be shredded early this AM. I need to review the actual charge slips from December purchases, we all shove in a repurposed Kleenex. Those with warranty are stapled to manual/information sheet. A few that have potential for returns will need to be retained. Most can be shredded. I'm learning the features on my new cell phone.

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    @snafu, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and having to grieve, too. Take care!

  6. Kiki Says:

    I have the flu so I am missing the annual get together with friends.

  7. Bluebird Says:

    Staying in tonight! I can't wait to dispose of my 2010 paperwork and continue to work on the current paper piles! Happy New Year!!!

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    NE's coming over soon and we'll have pizza and maybe watch a movie (big maybe) then watch the ball drop on the Internet. Nothing too exciting. Smile

  9. starfishy Says:

    happy new year ccf! i appreciate your regular blogging - i love reading about your financial life. spending a quiet new year's eve at home with my cat, although with social media and texting, i'm in touch with a lot of people!

  10. Homebody Says:

    In bed reading by 9:00 W is for Wasted. Hoping Pypsqueak doesn't scream with teething pain, and she didn't. Awake at 4:30 am quietly reading and getting motivated for my day.

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