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Returning Gifts Before Gifted

December 13th, 2014 at 06:14 pm

I found some great items on clearance earlier this fall that I thought I could give as gifts. Most of these were from Kohl's. I have one makeup kit, a spa gift set, a pair of slippers, a wallet, four small rugs, and two bottles of nail polish. I think I probably got all of that for around $30. I may actually return most of it!

Why might I return? Does anyone really want a rug for Christmas? Just an odd gift that doesn't make sense now. The make up kit was going to be for a niece, but now I need to mail something, so want something lighter and less bulky. the slippers were going to be for my mom (sister mentioned she already bought some), the spa kit was going to be for one of the adult females on my husband's side (now no longer exchanging). I may give the wallet to my husband. The nail polish will still get included in the original planned gift. I may have $20-$25 worth of items to return!

Today, I went to use a $10 JC Penney Reward and one of their $10 off $25 coupons. Unfortunately my purchases didn't come up high enough to allow me to use both. I spent $20 with tax for four items, but three of them were kind of last minute gifts that would need to be mailed. So thinking I could buy all of these items and spend $15, really will mean spending nearly $30 once I factor in shipping. Now I need to decide whether to keep the gifts and be okay with the money spent, or return the last minute gifts and only spend about $5.50 for the one item I really wanted to get.

Do you ever find yourself returning gifts before you give them? What prompts you to return before giving?

4 Responses to “Returning Gifts Before Gifted”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Yes, we've not got a carpet in our bedroom yet and the floor's cold at the bottom of the bed. I think I will look out for a small rug, I never thought of that.
    No I can't remember returning anything, I think I've just gifted it the following year.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    No, I can't remember returning something before giving it, but like Scottishgirl, I have gifted it to someone else.

  3. LittleMissSplendid Says:

    I think I would just consider different occasions these gifts would work for. A rug could be a housewarming gift. A makeup kit, are your daughters friends old enough for such a thing? Surely they'll have a birthday party to go to. A spa kit could be for a newlywed, a new mom, a gal pals birthday, any woman you owe a "thank you." Slippers and a wallet could be for a relative's birthday.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    @LittleMissSplendid, you do make good points. I will think a little more before I return.

    I think some of it is gift giving in our extended families seems to be changing. This will be the second year we don't give to the adults on my husband's side. I think we have all moved on from the need to do that. The wallet would have been for my Dad, but it turns out he prefers a bi fold version and I bought tri fold. It just seems I'd be holding on to these items and likely forget a year from now that I even have them. The make up was maybe for a niece, but decided mailing it will be too much, and the mailing of the scarf is better. The girls will want to pick their own gift for a friend, and it likely wouldn't be make up.

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