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Big Expenses...

September 16th, 2014 at 06:26 am

We have big expenses coming up. I've known they were coming for the most part. I haven't specifically put money aside for them, since I figured we could cash flow them. But I'm starting to doubt that reality. I will probably have to pull from savings. I hate doing that! I like my savings to just grow, ya know?!

Here's what we are looking at:
Tires for van $700
Timing belt and more for van $775
Tires for truck $750
Flute for youngest daughter $1530+
Refrigerator $750

My tires actually seem pretty good most of the time. It's when we are taking off on an incline and the surface is wet that we notice spinning. It seems to not be an issue if we take off a little slower though, so it might be user error! Smile They are 80,000 mile tires with 45K on them, so they really should still be good. We also never have an issue stopping with the tires.

The truck tires are visually look more worn and are the original tires. The truck is a 2007 with probably 65K miles (not sure on that). It seems they might need to be done before the van.

The timing belt on the van is routine maintenance for at 90K miles, we are at 85.5K miles. We really should do it on time. I would hate to have that lack of maintenance do in our vehicle.

The flute? She has one, but it is a beginner flute and according to older daughter it is much harder to blow air through and the sound isn't as good. We bought the older daughter one when she was a sophomore after the flute teacher recommended a change. It has been well worth it, with her improvements in playing. We want the same for younger daughter. This could probably be put off until the first of the year. Our daughter is not complaining in the slightest, but if you don't know what your missing why would you?! I did just see there is one like it on eBay for $1200, so I could save some money going slightly used. A tad risky, but the seller does have good feedback.

And finally the fridge. Completely a want that I have mentioned here before. I can make the case that it is a need to help with house resale. Our current one is almond, and the other appliances that came new with the house are the stainless steel variety, which is what is 'in' right now. If we buy the lower end of stainless steel, we would be willing to sell it with the house to make it even more appealing. I have points with Southwest Rapids Rewards and Citi Thank You that could be redeemed for $425 in gift cards to Lowe's, where we can also get a 10% military discount. In the end we could get a stainless steel side by side fridge for about $520 out of pocket. I looked at Gift Card Granny and can buy Lowe's gift cards at an 11% discount. I suppose it is possible to sell our old fridge to offset the cost too.

I'm most excited about the fridge and the flute. Vehicle repairs have to be done of course, and do seem like the priority. I'm just not looking forward to big expenses and especially pulling money out of savings...but that is what some of it is there for. I'm just needing to come to terms with that, instead of panicking. Smile

Do you have big expenses coming up? Do you panic about using your savings? Do you make the effort to buy discounted gift cards for purchases? How would you prioritize my list?

5 Responses to “Big Expenses...”

  1. snafu Says:

    We too have original tires on the SUV which need replacement. We will switch to winter tires in October but I'm suggesting we drive down to the USA on existing tires to buy a new set since your prices are about half the costs and you don't charge all the environmental fees we pay. DH wants to go to the USA after the winter tire change and buy tires here next spring. ...one more thing to negotiate.

    Since you asked for opinions, I'd prioritize timing belt. If that goes it has potential to affect other truck workings making it an even more expensive fix. 2nd, DD's flute, beautiful sound and to encourage musical interest and ability. The new model fridges are out, what is the discount on 2014 model? If your target buyer for the house is young professionals, I'd focus on a scratch & dent with ice maker feature at Lowe's. Ask the department manager to help you in your quest, do they possibly have one in another [further-out] store? It will need delivery so if it comes from the warehouse or where ever, it won't inconvenience you. It isn't urgent so you can phone bi weekly to check...just a thought

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks snafu...I definitely did ask for opinions. And I like your thoughts. I think if I can spread purchases out a month a time I will feel a little better about all of it.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    I know what you mean about the cash flow. I'm still trying to squeak through the carpet and DH's tuition, but it's looking increasingly doubtful. I'm a savings hoarder!

  4. alice4now Says:

    I hate parting with savings as well, but your list looks well thought out. I agree with Snafu that the fridge could probably stay on the list or go, depending on how flush you are feeling.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Could you find out if there is a "secret" FB group for your area doing garage sale type things? If so, maybe you could put out an ISO post seeing if anyone has a fridge similar to what you are seeking, for less?

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