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Barclay Question & More

February 18th, 2014 at 05:53 am

First a credit card question:
I haven't applied for any Barclay's cards because the rewards have to be redeemed for travel which we rarely do. But I'm tempted. I read that currently you can get $400 in travel rewards for spending $1000, but that the spending requirement may be going up to $3000. It seems like a good deal to jump on now. The question I have is about redeeming the rewards for travel. Do you charge the travel expense on the card and then redeem points to cover or do you book travel with points? Has anyone completed travel this way with the Barclay's card?

Other news:
I redeemed Swagbucks for $25, so that will be arriving hopefully by month's end. I cancelled my Citi Thank You Preferred card yesterday by secure message on their site. I opened this card last May and earned a $250 check payable to our mortgage company, after spending $1000. I haven't been as good about closing cards as I intended, but I was ready to let this one go. We were not using it and don't intend to.

I used up the last of a jar of Maple Pumpkin Butter today. It had about a tablespoon left, so I put it on my steel cut oatmeal this morning. I am going to make banana bread or banana muffins today to use two very ripe bananas. I will need milk for either one, so I will use more of that. The milk expires tomorrow, although it may still be good after. I just want to use it up rather than pour down the drain.

I need to decide what to have for lunch. There is leftover taco fixings from last night. However, I also need to eat a salmon filet. I might cook the salmon, but eat it tomorrow. That way I can eat up some of the taco things today.

What are you using up today? Has this been a good challenge for you or it this just the norm for you? Did you eat anything strange just to use it up?

5 Responses to “Barclay Question & More”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    About Barclay, yes you'd have to charge the travel expenses to the credit card and then use your 40,000 to pay for the bill. I got the card because I'm traveling soon and we can easily charge $1,000.00 (we are almost there).

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks NJDebbie...that is helpful!

    To everyone else, I emptied the last of a bottle of dressing when I ate my leftover broccoli at lunch. I had that with the salmon and made the last of the rice. A hearty lunch and it felt good to clean up those last bits and bites!

  3. Buendia Says:

    I always eat something weird to use it up! For lunch today I had a clementine left over from F's lunch, some melon that was going to go off (but was ok, seriously! even though my husband is always suspicious), leftover zucchini/chickpea flour pancake from last night, some tortilla chips with goat cheese that needs to get used up FAST! Some smushy strawberries came home in F's lunch today, so I'll have those in my lunch tomorrow.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I was looking in one of my cupboards for something, and found a box of brown rice/quinoa mix bags I'd bought at Costco ... don't remember when. So I used one of the bags for supper tonight, and will probably be eating through the bags for the next couple weeks. Smile (I might take one or two with me to NE this weekend to eat too - reduce my temptation to go to BK or any of the other million fast food places near his place.)

  5. Nancy Says:

    My husband has the Barclay card, and I want to apply for it in a few months. It is a great deal if you travel! 2 miles per dollar spent everywhere, so the rewards add up. We are going to use the money to pay for our hotel in Hawaii (we opened Citi cards to get American Airlines miles to fly there for free). I read that the charge has to show up in the "travel" category, so hotel charges and airline charges are the easiest to redeem. Here is a thread about the Barclay card: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/credit-card-programs/1415338-barclaycard-arrival-cards-1-1-2-2-back.html

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