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Refund Request & News

February 4th, 2014 at 08:53 am

My daughter has a minor condition that is bugging her. My mom has it and there really isn't a known cure, but there are plenty of things to try to provide some relief. One of these items was a type of vitamin marketed directly for this condition. She gave it a try...two bottles priced at nearly $25 each. In the end she said it didn't really seem to work. Fine. There is a money back guarantee for one purchase. I sent a request to the company with the receipt and UPC code today. I don't know how long it will take to receive, but the process has begun to get some of our money back.

I redeemed some more airline miles my husband has accumulated. These are for our newspaper subscription. I know we are probably aren't getting the best value from those miles, but we really never fly any where for pleasure. We might as well get something for them, rather than nothing. And our town's newspaper is pricey...$66 for 13 weeks of everyday delivery. That is $5 per week! If I were to pay upfront for the entire year it would come down to $4.95 per week. I rarely read it...but I like to do the suduko puzzle while I eat lunch. I could find this online for free if I wanted. So for now, we will use airline miles, rather than pay out of pocket for the paper.

Do you purchase a subscription to your newspaper? How much do you pay? What do you like best about the paper? If you don't read the newspaper, why is that?

5 Responses to “Refund Request & News”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    I used to get the paper free when I was teaching and really enjoy the puzzles. I used to go in a half hour early to do them and read the paper. However, I see it as a want and not a need. Therefore, I cannot justify a subscription. I was subscribed to Sundays only for awhile for coupons. Most of that was processed food though and the number of coupons I used weren't paying for themselves. I stick to getting the coupons online now (or via apps).

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Haven't had a newspaper subscription for quite some time. When I was a librarian there was no need. Newspapers galore at work! Now I get my news online or on TV. For the puzzle itch, I buy books, at Goodwill or garage sales, if I'm lucky. I don't like to do puzzles online.

  3. Buendia Says:

    We had a subscription to the Sunday NY Times for a while, but we just couldn't keep up with reading it! Our local paper is sooooo bad - written badly and very thin for what you pay. I read it online for local news, and I read the Guardian, BBC and Irish Times online for my national/international news. There are a lot of free puzzles (I like soduku and crossword when we travel).

  4. snafu Says:

    DH insists on daily newspaper delivery, about $ 25. per month. He reads nearly all articles but totally unaware of ads or promotions. We find it pays for itself with articles about car care, 'How to,' free aquasize, featured speakers, invitations to attend symphony final rehearsal, and free financial lectures by banking officials. the TV news always talks about these activities after the fact, they will interview Ms Clinton after her lecture March 6th. Those tickets are tres expensive so unless I am fortunate enough to be given a promotional ticket, I won't plan to go. All the big chain stores include sale flyers in Thursday's edition; I use their loss leaders as the base of my menu plan

    We read several International newspapers on-line to keep up to date with 'Front Page' and editorial focus overseas. Our local newspaper does a poor job of their on-line lay-outs.

  5. PNW Mom Says:

    We used to get the daily, but cut back to Sunday's only. Unfortunately, they stopped doing Sunday's only and made us do Fri, Sat,Sun. Then, they recently changed in to Wed, Fri, Sat, and Sun. The Friday and Saturday issues are very slim. This was due to so many people (I imagine), reading online on stopping their service. We pay $24 for 8 weeks.

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