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January 20th, 2014 at 03:03 pm

Our American Express billing statement closed on Friday. We earned more rewards, I believe from our kitchen table purchase. We had enough to redeem for a $25 statement credit. I have already requested it, but don't expect I will see it post for a couple more days.

Our balance before the credit was $150, so I just need to send in $125 to have it paid in full. The remaining balance is the last of the Washington DC trip costs. Once I have paid this off, it will free up $150 in our budget since that is what I have been paying every month. Of course, there has been no interest on this card. I wouldn't pay know that!

I will send the $25 reward money in to the mortgage since I didn't have to pay that portion on the card. I love less debt! Smile

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Our Money Blog today discussing my tax preparation plans.

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