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52 Week Savings Update

January 4th, 2014 at 11:48 pm

I set up my challenge money to automatically transfer to my Capital One 360 account. And right on schedule, a couple days ago, $57 was deposited. This can be considered deposits for week 6 and 51.

The balance in my Challenge account is now $124. I did start in early December and have larger amounts going into the account than those starting from week one or two. So far this goal is on track. Yea!!

I'm having my green smoothie for dinner while the girls have pancakes. That will make four down, 27 to go!

Today's frugal happening was unplugging the last of the holiday lights that were on a timer outside. The only outing was a trip for our weekly groceries. I expect we will not be going anywhere for a couple of days with the really crazy cold temperatures heading this way. That will say on fuel for the vehicles, but I'm sure we will be using plenty to keep the house warm. Ack!

What is the balance of your 52 Week Savings Challenge account? Is your money in an account, or in cash? Did you do something frugal today?

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