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Buying Gifts

December 5th, 2013 at 03:57 pm

I've begun buying gifts. I'm not too far along, but at least I've started. Our budget is $750. We are buying stocking stuffers for four adults (approx $20 each) on my side of the family. On my husband's side we are buying for his mother ($30), two nieces and a nephew ($20 each). My husband and I will exchange gifts (maybe $50 each). We also bought a small gift for the flute teacher, a locally made soap for $3.50.

Oh, and of course, our two daughters!! We usually spend about $150 each. My oldest wants Photoshop CS6, which is over $600. She doesn't NEED it right now because she has it on her school issued computer. She will have it again next school year, too. She knows we aren't likely to buy it right now. She doesn't want much else, so I only have one gift bought so far. She may just get cash and stocking stuffers if she doesn't come up with any other ideas. It is nice that she doesn't want for lots of things.

My youngest daughter has a great list. I've bought quite a few things for her and have only spent $75. I will buy a few more things and likely give her some cash as well. We could actually come in under budget.

Those gifts, if I stay in budget, equal $570, leaving us about $180 left. I think I will hold this money for travel expenses back home and extra expenses that come with that, like wine and food. Anything left goes to the mortgage at the end of the month!!

Our list is actually a bit smaller this year. We aren't buying for as many nieces and nephews or adults on my husband's side, for multiple reasons. I told a friend that we were slimming down and not buying gifts for them. We never see them! I really don't know her kids anymore. We talk on the phone and that is the gift I appreciate the most. Don't worry I told her nicely and she was fine with it. It does take some stress out of gift buying to have fewer people on the list.

I guess that is still 13 people, including me that gifts are being purchased for. Not bad. How many people do you buy gifts for?

4 Responses to “Buying Gifts”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    You're so good! We're pretty indulgent for Xmas. We budget $200 for each adult's gifts and $100 for each kid, so $800 for the nuclear family. Our service-provider tips alone run us $470. We spend about $60 on customized photo holiday cards, I guess. Then we each buy our parents something; NT probably spends $100-$150 of his own money on his, and I do anywhere from $50-$150 for mine. AS sporadically gets her mom a gift; this year her mom's spending Xmas with us so we want to get her a few more things than usual. She gave us some ideas for cheap gifts and I've got a few more nice but inexpensive ideas. So total, more than $1300 but less than $1700.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm making soap for 6 people and then giving my assistant $15 in Starbucks gift cards (which cost me $5) and probably a box of Russell Stover's French Mints ($4).

  3. PNW Mom Says:

    DH and I buy for our two girls and each other
    On my side, we buy for my mom, dad, and sister (no longer brother & sil) since we are estranged.
    On DH side, we used to buy for everybody but,a couple of years ago, dh's sister wanted to start drawing we all draw names except for my mother in law who will not participate...she wants to buy for everyone. So 4 gifts plus mother in law, but it is really 3 since the girls buy for the person they draw.

  4. scottish girl Says:

    I buy for hubby (20 limit this year, no gift as of yet) and of course SG (got a lot of gifts using rewards and buying second-hand, actually need to total up) I also buy for my mum, MIL and BIL. Spent less than 20 on my mum, 10 each roughly on MIL and BIL because they were bought in sale or on offer. I also buy for my cousin's three boys, spending under 10 on them although she has requested cash for oldest so giving him 10 to make it equal. Also, my three cousins, again less than 10. I use high street vouchers for these which I've saved for all year.

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