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November Snowflakes

December 4th, 2013 at 01:35 am

Here's the final tally of my November snowflakes, or small amounts of money earned. It was kind of a slow month, but I am thankful for what I could accumulate. I sent the entire amount towards the principal balance on our mortgage. So less debt!!

I only got $25 from Swagbucks. I met the daily goal most of the month, but I didn't do any extra. I've just been busy with other things. I might not even make goal today. Again, busy!

My Ebay sales were minimal, but I had three other sales that benefited my mom and daughter, so I actually had higher sales. I think I'm done with Ebay for the year, unless I come across something that is in demand this time of year.

I think December should be higher than November because some snowflakes are on their way. I think some of the big credit card rewards we are working on will not arrive until January, so I expect that to be the big month.

And I just have to add that my snowflakes as of the end of November are still under $3,000, but only by $24.23! I will make the goal. I really wonder how much I should make next year's snowflake goal.

How many snowflakes did you accumulated in November?

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