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Free Entertainment

June 15th, 2013 at 01:04 pm

It's a low key weekend here. It's hot and muggy, my husband had two wisdom teeth pulled Friday and we were busy with the art fair last weekend. It feels good to stay relaxed.

I have earned enough Swagbucks for ANOTHER $25 PayPal cash deposit. This will make $350 from Swagbucks since the beginning of the year. Not bad, huh?

I took a walk around the neighborhood, stopped at a garage sale and bought two hanging shoe holders for $1 each. I will use them in hall closets to keep gloves, hats, sunscreen, umbrella and such organized. They are a pretty teal and black floral too!

My husband's wisdom teeth were not impacted, but needed to come out due to cavities. Since they are far back in the mouth they could not be drilled, thus just a basic visit to have them pulled. He says it would taken an Act of Congress to get approval to have not impacted teeth pulled by an oral surgeon, which is what he wanted to do. Turns out he did fine. Now he's a little groggy on Vicodin and Aleve! As military member he will not have to pay out of pocket. Even the Vicodin was free. We did have to pay for the Aleve and some extra gauze pads, which was about $7.

I've been cleaning and doing laundry today. If the humidity drops, I hope to mow (might need gas) and get to the grocery store tomorrow. I hope to buy enough groceries to last through the end of the month. We do have a few vacation days before the end of the month so a few less meals needing to be cooked at home.

This evening we do have to go out to attend a chamber concert my oldest daughter is performing in. Last night we got to hear her play a duet on her flute with a harpist. So pretty!! The concert is free.

Are you doing anything outside of your home that is free entertainment today or tomorrow? What is your best free thing to do outside of your home?

10 Responses to “Free Entertainment”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    I love to hit our Farmer's Market. I guess that would fall more under low cost entertainment, since it is pretty hard to resist the beautiful produce! Smile

  2. Jenn Says:

    My younger boys and I went hiking today. We got exercise, and they discovered a bright red mushroom, a snake, and an assortment of birds. The trail was on a mountain and the view at the top was spectacular. Great day.

  3. snafu Says:

    Dh & DS2 love to go to 'Show 'n Shine' antique car displays often set up at the older malls to entice customers to the old fashioned department stores like Sears. The owners often wear appropriate costumes and they're terrific about talking to visitors about their cars it's history and the work to transform wreckage into 'art.'

    In our area there is some type of festival within an hour's drive to celebrate small town events, Last week Hollywood celebrities were at the nearby resort giving out awards to each other. Our Parks & Recreation Dept organize tax payer supported live theatre, sports activities and ethnic themed events daily.

    Most weekends there are 'qualifying' events for professional rodeos, Aboriginal rodeos, and Little Britches Rodeos that provide hours of entertainment for free or low cost admission. They recoup their costs charging for parking and selling high cost snacks. When the Food Trucks show up, the costs escalates.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Hope hubby continues to do well!

    A lot of our free entertainment comes from going to the library not only for materials, but also for some of their programs.

  5. PNW Mom Says:

    I second the library! Smile

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    We love our library, too! Movies and books keep us entertained all year long. We have not participated in any programs here...yet! Our downtown library will have a Grand Opening this summer, so we'll check that out. It was damaged in a flood five years ago. It will be a nice addition to the area.

  7. scfr Says:

    I love my library too, and if I had children I would love it even more.

  8. PatientSaver Says:

    A few years ago my dentist did his usual 1-minute look in my mouth and pronounced that i had cavities on 2 back wisdom teeth. My hygienist knew i wasn't working and was concerned about the cost, so after he left, she said, you know, i bet if you just pay a little extra attention to those back teeth with the toothbrush, you can nip those cavities in the bud. (Becus, you know, the dentist just picks at each tooth, looking for soft spots which indicate "cavity.")

    I took her advice and I was fine. When I went back 6 months later, he didn't notice a thing!

  9. PatientSaver Says:

    We have two lovely, side by side parks right in the heart of town, on Main Street. They are both small gems. One has a nice pond where people can skate in winter or watch the waterfowl in summer.

    The other park is meticulously maintained and has a gazebo, fountain and bocce court.

    Where other towns have congestion and gas stations and car dealerships, we have not one, but TWO public parks, right on Main Street. I think that's just great.

    We have some peaceful paved walking trails through the woods near our municipal center. The library is great, though truth be told, I rent more videos than books there. WE have a huge Labor Day parade, a giant book sale, historic home tours in the spring, a local dairy farm with the best ice cream in town....oh, ok, that's not free....we have an organic farmer's market as well as a regular (non-organic farmer's market, on two different days each week, plus one of the organic farmers who has a stand at the market is right here in town so if by chance you can't make the farmer's market, well, you can always just show up at the farm. We have a victory garden where volunteers grow produce for our food pantry and a strutt your mutt day when dog owners get togeher with their animals, i think it's some kind of fundraiser. It would be fun to do except that I don't have a dog.

  10. creditcardfree Says:

    @PS, I would love if our little town had those parks. Right now the town is like two towns, older homes and main street, and then the new area near the highway. And they are only connected by the highway. There is talk of a trail, but not sure if we'll be here when that comes to fruition.

    My husband was also told to pay more attention to some front teeth a couple years ago and he also got it corrected. He probably could have tried that with these wisdom teeth. The Army requires a dentist to indicated status of teeth each year for deployment purposes. I think because he was overdue for this he felt he needed to get it taken care of right now. He seems to have recovered nicely. The Army dental insurance will pay for the costs in full, so it wasn't a cost issue for us.

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