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Weekend Spending

May 20th, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Compared to last weekend when I didn't leave the house and only spent $8 online, this weekend was full of spending. We didn't really get crazy, but we did enjoy takeout pizza, and the matinee showing of Iron Man 3.

Gas for two vehicles on empty was just under $130. Clearly we were on low AND gas prices have jumped dramatically.

Pizza was $24. Movie for the four of us was $22. The largest soda and a small regular popcorn set us back $13.75. I honestly can go to a movie without buying the snacks, but my husband doesn't seem to think he can. Luckily the movie theater experience for us is only a couple times of year!

We picked up salt for our water softener. Four bags at about $16. I had some credits with the store, so paid $8 out of pocket. There was also $5 spent on cat treats.

The main grocery run yesterday was just under $110, but there was a small run by me on Friday, and then my husband needed something on Saturday. Each trip about $25. Ugh...don't like it when we do this, but it is what it is. I will work with my husband to get this under control. My guess is the stress at work is getting to him and he wants what he wants when he wants it. Not a great excuse and I would say that some planning and better communication would help very much.

So that seems to add up to about $357.75! Wow!! That is more than my experiment spending earlier in the month. We'll see how we can do for the remainder of the month. My dad has a birthday, but I have his gift already purchased!! Smile

How was your spending this weekend? Crazy. Normal. Or did you end up with a no spend weekend?

2 Responses to “Weekend Spending”

  1. Esozh Says:

    Ours was a lot worse than normal too. $24 in my gas tank, $42 for an oil change since no one in the family knows how to work on modified imports, $50 to start our gym membership, and then... MB's sister baptized her baby, and had reservations for 16 at olive garden. MB decided to get 2 cocktails for herself, 2 appetizers for the table, and then picked up her brothers tab too since he's always broke... $81 later... $197 in two days... a little crazy. The gas and oil change was budgeted, the gym membership is going to have to become a budget item... but the dinner with family was just ridiculous.

    And I definitely get your husbands trip to the store. I used to hit up the class six 2-3 times a week for lunch. Usually just $5 a trip though - but it was always more of an excuse to get away from the stress and the joes and have half an hour without having to deal with peoples BS or be interrupted by someone knocking on my office door...

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    no spending - pretty much slept the whole weekend

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