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The Experiment: Results

May 15th, 2013 at 03:02 pm

First let me show you what my kitchen cupboard and refrigerator look like at the end of this experiment.

All my family members would say there is nothing left to eat. But I see pizza, carrots and apples for dinner, just as planned. The snacks? Yes, getting slim. Bananas on the counter (not shown), slices of cheese, cashews, and maybe some peanut butter toast. These just are not there usual snacks. I plan to open the black beans for lunch. To make them tasty I wil add red onion, feta cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yummy!

The experiment to spend next to nothing still resulted in spending under $300, specifically $293.95. This includes only money spent by me for me and my girls since May 1. My husband did take out $100 cash, which I understand is mostly spent. He also spent around $42 in snacks before he left to help compensate for not eating the ill tasting MRE's I mentioned yesterday.

We set aside $900 twice per month to cover gas and groceries and the few school things that come up. Last month we exceed the $1800 by $477. Thus the need to spend less to compensate for our overspending. It was much easier without my husband here, but I might have been able to get his on board.

$900.00 Available Funds
(293.95)Our Spending
(142.00)DHs Spending
$464.05 Amount Saved

What a relief to nearly make up the amount we overspent in just a couple weeks. It was worth it. I will keep spending low for the next couple days, but I really will need to get to the store. Smile I did pay our bills today and was able to save $670 from DH's paycheck. It may get spent down the road, as we plan a vacation or put some landscaping in our yard, but for now it is saved money.

Do you have more in your fridge than I do? Less? Anyone else want to post their bare or stocked full fridge?!

4 Responses to “The Experiment: Results”

  1. Xtreme Thunder Says:

    That is usually what our fridge looks like just before we grocery shop! Our spending on food is lower as we don't have children, so it is just DW and myself. We budget $800/mo. and that covers grocery, gas, doctor visit co-pays, and prescription refill co-pays. Of that $800/mo., $400 is split between two grocery shops per month at $150 every two weeks with the remaining $100 going towards a couple meals out per month (lunch usually) or gets spent on birthday gifts or any other small misc. items that come up during the month.

    The sad thing is, we have noticed that in the last three years on this same exact budget, it is getting more difficult to have each $150 shop last the full two weeks. We purchase about the same stuff each time, just the prices have definitely increased, forcing us to purchase more store brand items, which there is nothing wrong with, but let's be honest, some of it does taste slightly different than brand name items! Haha!

  2. rachel021406 Says:

    We always have too much food. It really is a weakness of mine. Never wanting to not have things on hand. I am still working on it. Your experiment makes me want to do another fiscal fast!

  3. snafu Says:

    Hats off for sticking to your plan and writing positively about the experience. I'd feel very uncomfortable with so little in the fridge. It's an expensive appliance to operate with so little. I'd be adding coffee, tea, peanut butter, Ramen, canned goods and any edibles to make the fridge look fuller. We all know you could phone in an order or walk into any food store and fill that fridge, no problem. Feel sad for folks who have nothing more than their allotment from the food bank.

  4. Jenn Says:

    I don't think it looks scary at all. You also still have plenty of bread, PB, & jelly. Oatmeal with berries.

    We have to minimize foods that can be eaten immediately (with no cooking or prep required) because my boys will eat it ALL right away and then we don't have supper. So even when we're stocked up, most of our food requires preparation. I'm considering a second fridge/freezer with a lock...

    For energy efficiency, I've actually read that it's good to have a full freezer and a not-so-full fridge. So some folks add gallons of water to the freezer as it gets empty.

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