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Pet Purchase

May 13th, 2013 at 02:40 am

I was going to log on tonight and report that we did not spend anything Saturday and Sunday. We didn't leave the house actually. We had food, entertainment and things that needed to be done here. And it was so windy and cold it wasn't appealing to go out!

However, I did make an purchase. My youngest cat has that herpes virus that can't be cured once they have it. She was under some stress last weekend when my sister's dog visited our house. As a result, her eye is watering constantly and she has been having sneezing fits. It generally calms down on its own, but the sneezing she's doing seems worse than in the past. I ordered L-Lysine chews for $7.26.

$266.69 Previous Balance
__$7.26 Purchase
$273.95 Total Spent

It was nice that I didn't need to buy anything to get my youngest daughter ready for camp. I do think she would like shorts, but she said no, so I need to respect that. She is the child that needs to try and learn rather than be told.

Right now, I only expect to spend $20 tomorrow for my oldest daughter's flute lesson. I have that money in my wallet ready to go. It is possible I will need a little fuel to get through Wednesday, just not sure yet when I will make that fuel stop.

Did you spend any money this weekend? I actually expect you all to say yes, because I think weekends are prime spending time for most of us!

3 Responses to “Pet Purchase”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    You have been doing so great! Yes...we did spend money this weekend....we bought some new storage units for the was alot!

  2. starfishy Says:

    does the watering of your cat's eye ever stop for any period of time? i adopted a kitty in december and was told she had a cold that was causing her eye to weep. her eye never stopped weeping, so i took her to a vet who couldn't find anything wrong. a second one said that she had herpes and gave me eye drops to use for a week and some lysine treats to feed her daily. her eye has never fully stopped weeping. some days it's worse than others, but it's almost always moist. i'm thinking about taking her to an animal eye specialist just to make sure that it's not something else.

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    had a loooooong shopping trip with my 13 yo daughter to get a bathing suit for a leadership retreat she was invited to go on this weekend. Shopping with her is always a multi hour deal, she is pretty careful and doesn't take something if it doesn't fit really nice. Nevermind if it is cheap / on sale. And naturally bathing suit shoppign is already a minefield! Well, after many stores in the mall we got a $15 2 piece at Target, short term fashion type, and a very comfortable long wearing 1 piece Speedo at the sports store. Expensive at $40'ish but she is much relieved as far as modesty!

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