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Experiment and Snowflakes

May 13th, 2013 at 08:29 pm

I have a few snowflakes to report. Our ATM rebates and interest on our checking account amounted to $4.78 last month. I redeemed $25 PayPal deposit from Swagbucks today. I'm still waiting for one I ordered earlier in the month to post to my account. I see that our Chase Rewards are worth $70.25. I will likely redeem these as a statement credit, but then add the money to my Christmas Funds.

Today's spending is the $20 for my daughter's flute lesson. I will pay her in cash since I have that money in my wallet.

$273.95 Previous Balance
+$20.00 Flute lesson fee
$293.95 Total Spent

I mentioned yesterday that I thought I would need gas before Wednesday, but at this point, I don't think that will be the case. I only expect basic driving, and with just over half a tank, I think I'll be just fine. So far, I'm very pleased with this experiment. I will pay bills on Friday, and should have some money to save to compensate for our overspending in the weeks prior to the experiment.

I also think I will continue the experiment for as long as I can...since I don't expect my husband to be home from his training for several more days. I'm hoping he also hasn't been spending too much. He took $100 cash with camp in the woods!! Whatever.

Anyone thinking of doing a no spend, low spend experiment soon? Those of you participating now, how are you doing? Are you meeting your goal?

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